5 Side Hustles That Will Make You Money by InspiredBudget.com

In a lot of households having a little extra income can be a game changer. Extra money can help cover bills, extracurricular activities for kids, or even help you pay off debt faster! In fact, a side hustle can dramatically change your family’s financial situation. And our family is no different. While we were tackling our debt, my husband and I each took on some extra jobs over the years. We are both teachers so we used our skills to tutor, teach summer school, and my husband even drove a school bus to earn extra money.  The added income in our family meant that we got out of debt much sooner than we had originally planned.

So whether you plan to take on an extra job for a short time or an extended period of time, it can seriously help your financial situation. And who doesn’t love having a little more money and a little less stress?  Here are 5 awesome side hustles that can earn you some serious money today!

1. Uber

If you have a car and a little extra time on your hands, then Uber is a perfect opportunity for a side hustle! In fact, I have a good friend who drove for Uber the entire summer to earn a little extra money.  She’s a single mom and a full-time teacher. She would wake up every morning, go workout, then drive Uber for 2 hours. It allowed her to earn extra money to take her son to do fun things during the summer like hit up water parks, and enjoy eating out.

The great thing about driving with Uber is that you can make it fit your schedule! There aren’t specific times that you are required to drive and you never have to call in sick. Once you are approved, you literally just jump in your own car, turn on the app, and start driving.  Uber now offers Instant Pay as an option. Basically, you can get paid instantly (up to 5 times per day) when you register with a debit card, so there’s no waiting around for your next paycheck.  Another great perk is that you can also receive tips from riders!  Thinking that you’d like to drive with Uber? Sign up HERE.

2. Uber Eats

Now I know what you might be thinking. You could be sitting here telling me that you don’t want to have to keep your car clean or leave your kids at home to drive someone else around. And I totally get that! That’s why delivering with Uber Eats is such a great idea.  With Uber Eats, you go and pick up food orders from local restaurants and then deliver it to whoever ordered it. No one else is getting in your car, you’re just delivering food to hungry people! Interested in seeing if delivering with Uber Eats will help you earn extra money? Get more information HERE.

3. Virtual Assistant

Did you know that you can work FROM HOME as a virtual assistant these days? I’m talking working on your own hours in your yoga pants and no makeup.  With so many online entrepreneurs (like myself!) there are jobs available for assistant work. From answering emails to scheduling Pinterest images and Instagram posts, you have options!  I know many people who run a business and employ virtual assistants (including myself!).  The pay is not bad and it’s the perfect job for a stay at home mom! Honestly, I wish I had known about this opportunity 6 ½ years ago when my oldest was born. I can imagine myself blocking off time during the day to complete tasks on the computer for others while still loving on my own kids.

Even if you don’t need the income but you have extra time, becoming a virtual assistant can give you some spending money!  I mean, imagine if all of your “fun money” was made at home on your computer. You wouldn’t have to even include this category in your budget anymore!  If you’re interested in becoming a virtual assistant, you can learn more about what the job entails HERE.

4. Work for Fiverr

Working as a freelancer on Fiverr is an amazing way to earn an extra income! Chances are likely that you have a talent that you can share with others! Whether it’s graphic design, video animation, or proofreading, there is something that you can offer. Bonus points if you find a job that can be done at home and in your spare time! Learn more about Fiverr HERE.

5. Amazon Merch

If you are the creative type, then signing up for Amazon Merch might just be for you. Here’s how it works. You create your own original t-shirt designs. Then, upload them to your Amazon Merch account. Amazon will print and ship your t-shirts for you! The more shirts you sell, the more designs you can upload. And the more designs you upload, the more unique people you can reach! I have a personal friend who has had great success from Amazon merch. She still works full time, but this side income has helped her reach her financial goals!

Just because you have a full-time job doesn’t mean that you have zero options when it comes to making more money! Especially if you’re trying to take back control of your finances and make a dent in your debt. So think outside of the standard side hustle and do something that will not only increase your income but will work for you!