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Allison Baggerly is a blogger, author, speaker, podcaster, and founder of Inspired Budget, which is proudly a Latinx and women-owned business. A former teacher, Allison blends her talents for teaching with her passion for personal finances to help others learn how to start budgeting and build a life they love.


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Short Bio

Allison and her husband paid off over $111,000 of debt on 2 teacher salaries while growing their family. During the process, she learned how to take back control of her money, stay consistent with paying off debt, and stop emotional spending once and for all.

blogger + speaker

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Inspiring Women Everywhere to Love Budgets

Allison has been featured in Forbes and Parents as a budget expert who gives women a step-by-step process to break free from the grueling paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. Women turn to Allison, and Inspired Budget, for advice and inspiration every single day. Join this thriving community of women who desire to live a life they love by developing a healthy outlook on their finances and their life as a whole.

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Hear What Everyone is Saying About Allison


Knowledgeable on all things budgeting

“We had Allison as a guest speaker for an Employee Resource Group meeting that focused on helping women reach financial goals. Allison is incredibly well-spoken, knowledgeable on all things budgeting, and relatable as she uses her real life experiences to color the insights she offers. Everyone found the meeting valuable and interesting. We’d love to have her again!”

Crystal Chen, Sr. PR Manager, Zumper

Does a great job of breaking it down!

“Allison does a great job of explaining how to create a budget that works for ME. I am no longer intimidated by the word budget! I have paid off 1 credit card so far in the amount of $1,800.”


Allison Makes You Feel Empowerd

 “I love how Allison is real and doesn’t make you feel helpless and unworthy of a good life despite your financial foes. I’ve been able to open a high-interest savings bank with Ally Financial which will help me with an upcoming Girls Trip and I see that as a win!”


Incredible Impact on Our Lives

“My husband and I started having weekly budget meetings in June and today we put $2,200 into our sinking fund, $1,130.00 in a vacation account for next summer, and paid down debt in the amount of $6,384.00. We even sent $750 to our emergency fund. Budgeting works if you work it.”


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