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What is Inspired Budget?

Inspired Budget is the best online resource to help get your finances under control, pay off debt, save money, and build wealth.

Your budget is the foundation of your finances.

Once you have a budget in place, your financial goals can more easily become your reality.

And no - budgeting does not mean you have to sacrifice having things you love - budgeting is about spending in alignment with your goals and values.

Allison Baggerly

Where to Start

free webinar

Step 1

Take my free training: The 4 Step Framework To Budget For Your Best Life without sacrificing your weekly latte run.

Here's What You'll Learn:
  • The top 3 massive mistakes EVERYBODY makes with their budget and WHY they are costing you money.
  • The SECRETS to getting your budget to help you find MORE MONEY each month.
  • My 4 Step Framework to budget for your best life...WITHOUT giving up your weekly latte runs.

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Grab one (or both!) of my free downloads:

The Budgeting and Debt Free Cheat Sheet will help you get started with setting up a budget that will help you reach your money goals.

The Debt Free Roadmap is perfect for anyone who is ready to free themselves of their monthly debt payments and keep more of their hard-earned money.

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Follow or Subscribe to the Inspired Budget Podcast

As you get started on your financial journey, you’ll need motivation along the way.

The Inspired Budget Podcast is a wonderful way to learn more about money in a non-judgmental environment

Episodes are released every Thursday and include inspiring interviews to help keep you on track toward your financial future.

Be sure to follow or subscribe to the podcast (it’s free!) so you don’t miss an episode.

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Follow @inspiredbudget on Instagram

This is where I show up daily to give you encouraging advice, money tips, and information to help make managing your money easier than ever.

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About Our Inspired Founder

Allison Baggerly is a blogger, influencer, speaker, podcaster, and founder of Inspired Budget, which is proudly a Latinx and women-owned business.

A former teacher, Allison blends her talents for teaching with her passion for personal finances to help others learn how to start budgeting and build a life they love.

Allison and her husband paid off over $111,000 of debt on 2 teacher salaries while growing their family.

During the process, she learned how to take back control of her money, stay consistent with paying off debt, and stop emotional spending once and for all.

Allison has been featured in Forbes and Parents as a budget expert who gives women a step-by-step process to break free from the grueling paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Women turn to Allison, and Inspired Budget, for advice and inspiration every single day. Join this thriving community of women who desire to live a life they love by developing a healthy outlook on their finances and their life as a whole.

Allison Baggerly


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