10 Items that will save you hundreds by InspiredBudget.com

When we were first homeowners, I was a tad bit overwhelmed with all the expenses that we had to purchase. Specifically anything and everything related to taking care of a yard. As a newly married couple we always lived in apartments, so yardwork was outside of my area of expertise. I’ll never forget the first time we bought a lawnmower. I was so upset with the high price tag that I convinced my husband to buy the cheapest one possible. Well, that backfired. We ended up buying another inexpensive lawn mower the next summer. Guess how long that one lasted! Just a short year later we found ourselves in the aisles of Home Depot and finally decided to invest in a lawn mower that would actually save us money over time.

I’m happy to report the lawn mower we picked might have been more expensive, but it has lasted us 5 years and counting! I’ve learned that sometimes to save money, you need to invest in items that will actually last and help you spend less on something else (like a lawn guy!).

So here are 10 items that you might want to buy now so that you can save a ton of money over time!

1. Coffeemaker

It’s only fitting that I list a coffee maker (like this exact one I have!) because I’m a huge coffee drinker! And did I mention that I used to spend HUNDREDS at Starbucks each year? Yes, I know. Not something a budget blogger should admit. But hear me out! This was before I had my act together. I was spending on average $10 each week at Starbucks. That’s over $500 each year! Ouch! I finally learned how to make myself a decent cup of coffee at home and began bringing my coffee to work each day. I even keep a second coffee pot in my classroom! Now I just hit up Starbucks when I have a gift card or if I budget for that treat in advance!

Coffee Maker - 10 Items That Will Save You Money by InspiredBudget.com

2. Lunch Box

10 Items That Will Save You Money by InspiredBudget.com

Having a lunch box ready to go each day means that you’ll skip eating out during your lunch break! Imagine if you went to only grabbing lunch out once a week instead of five times each week! You could save at least $40-$50 each week! And not only will bringing your lunch to work save you money, but it also tends to be a healthier option. Plus, who wouldn’t want to bring their lunch with them if you have a cute lunchbox like this one?

3. Meal Prep Containers

10 Items That Will Save You So Much Money by InspiredBudget.com

I have this exact set of meal prep containers and let me tell you that they are a LIFESAVER. I love being able to prep myself 5 lunches on Sunday for the week. Plus, they stack on top of each other so in the morning all you have to do is grab one and go! They are microwave safe and dishwasher safe as well! Seriously, these containers are the best.

4. Netflix or Hulu Membership

If you’ve read my post on how we cut cable back when it wasn’t cool, then you know how much I love streaming services! We have both a Netflix and Hulu membership since we don’t have any cable channels. I don’t feel like I’m missing out because I can still watch This Is Us on Hulu and I have all the Friends reruns on Netflix. Not to mention that both of these services cost me $20 COMBINED. I’ll take a $20 payment any day over a $50 cable bill!

5. Crock Pot or Instant Pot

10 Things You Should Buy That Will Save You So Much Money by InspiredBudget.com

Have you ever left work after a long day and you just didn’t feel like cooking? What am I saying?! Of course you have! In fact, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that that’s how I feel every day. That’s right. Cooking is not my jam. In fact, I’d rather clean a bathroom than cook dinner! And I have two young boys, so you can only imagine what cleaning their bathroom entails! But because dinner must be made (and eating out can get crazy expensive), I try to have at least 1 or 2 crockpot meals each week. I like to search for easy, budget-friendly recipes on Pinterest. If you’re looking for some healthy options, then you have GOT to check out my favorite cookbook! It’s full of recipes specifically for crock pots and instant pots!

6. Water Bottle

There’s no hiding the fact that a simple water bottle can save you so much money over time! The average pack of 32 water bottles will run you $3. If you’re buying one pack each week for a year that’s $156. If that doesn’t sound like too much, then consider how much you’re spending over 5 years! Buying a pack of water bottles each week for 5 years will run you about $780! Now imagine if you bought 2 new reusable water bottles each year. That will cost you about $30. Plus, let’s just be honest. This one is so adorable and better for the environment. If you don’t do it for the cuteness of this bottle, then do it for mother nature!

10 Things You Should Buy That Will Save You Money by InspiredBudget.com

7. Phone Screen Protector

10 Items To Buy That Will Save You Money by InspiredBudget.com

Five years ago I was holding my husbands iPhone and dropped it in the garage. The screen shattered. I tried to blame it on my son, but he was only 1 year old and still buckled in his car seat! I mean, why have babies if you can’t blame them on accidents sometimes! Anyway, I’m guessing it’s no surprise that we started investing in screen protectors after that little incident. They have undoubtedly saved us hundreds because I constantly drop phones left and right.  If you aren’t using a screen protector, then you have got to invest in one! They are inexpensive and do a great job of keeping that screen intact.

8. Grooming Kit

10 Items That Will Save You Money by InspiredBudget.com

I’d be lying if I told you that we have always groomed our dog. In fact, it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that we bought our own grooming kit and I learned how to do a semi-decent job. There have been several times when our dog has a bald spot, but listen up! He has no earthly idea that it’s there and we aren’t putting him in any dog beauty contests. I’d much rather save the $30-$40 for each grooming trip and just cut his totally do this at home!

9. Dish Cloths

Dish cloths are perfect replacements for paper towels! I’m not saying that you need to completely eliminate paper towels from your home (we certainly haven’t). But consider buying dish rags for cleaning the kitchen and other areas of your home. They can last you a long time and are so much cheaper than cleaning with paper towels!

10 Items That Will Save You Money by InspiredBudget.com

10. Clothesline

10 Items That You Should Buy To Save Money by InspiredBudget.com

I know this one sounds so 1950’s, but I have to shout it from the rooftops! I LOVE my clothesline! This one is retractable and we use it for towels, sheets, and even back when we used cloth diapers! You’ll save money on electricity because you’ll be using your dryer less. And who doesn’t love a lower electricity bill? I know I do! So there you have it! Ten items that you can buy now that will save you a ton of money over the years! Do you have another item that you think saves you money over time? If so, share in the comments! I’d love to see what I too can invest in to save money over time.