When it comes to making some quick cash, a list of things to sell to make money might be the first thing flashing through your mind. After all, it’s likely that you have plenty of items floating around that you haven’t used in years. Someone else may be looking for just the thing you’re looking to get rid of. Not only can you declutter the closet, but you can also make some money while you do it!

This list covers items you can source from your own home, things to sell online, and even items you can make yourself to sell. There’s bound to be something on this list that jumps out at you as a source for quick money.

9 Things To Sell From Your Home To Make Money

1. Electronics

There is always a demand for electronics. There is sure to be at least one electronic in the home that you no longer use, whether that is an old gaming console or a vintage record player. Of course, the newer the electronics, the better, but people are always looking to catch a good deal or look for a quick replacement for a broken item.

2. Books

Reading never goes out of style. You can love a book whether it was published two decades ago or just last month. This is good news for the stack of books lying around in your house!

Many used bookstores will buy your books upfront. You can also consider selling them online or individually through sites such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

3. Records

Have a record collection collecting dust in the basement? Vinyl records are currently seeing a revival, with new albums releasing collectible vinyl editions.

People are also flocking to collect older records, and many record stores are turning to people’s personal collections to fill their stock. Who knows, you may have a rare record in your collection that could earn you some serious cash.

4. Shoes

Seriously, some shoes are so expensive! If you have a pair of shoes that you barely wore because they pinch your toes or ones that only made it out to one special occasion, someone else may be able to give them a second life.

There’s a market for shoes in good condition from reputable brands. Your local consignment store is a good place to try and sell things to make money.

5. Textbooks

By far, the most valuable books out there are textbooks. If you are a recent graduate or don’t need your books from last semester, your textbooks may be of value to next year’s students.

Even if you’re not a student, you can keep an eye out for low-price textbooks at the end of the school season and sell them the following semester.

Careful, though – textbooks update frequently. Because of this, old textbooks are likely to be worth very little.

6. Ikea Furniture

Even though Ikea markets itself as affordable furniture, many people love to buy it second-hand. It has become a highly regarded brand that many people directly seek out.

When selling your Ikea furniture, try and use the exact name of the product in the listing. Most people will directly search for items as they have already browsed online and found exactly what they want. But now, they can purchase it from you for a cheaper price!

7. Puzzles And Board Games

You’ve likely spent a rainy weekend inside puzzling away. But the thing about puzzles is that you rarely want to do them a second time! Many people don’t want to spend a ton of money on something they only do once, so there’s always a market for puzzles.

Board games are also popular, as people try to find new activities to play with friends and families. If it’s sitting tucked away in your closet, it could be the next best thing in someone else’s.

8. Jewelry

Over the years, you can sure accumulate a ton of jewelry. And the more you collect, the less you wear.

Take a moment to go through your tangled jewelry box and sort out any items that are out of date, out of favor, and broken. Gold chains that have broken or an earring without its pair are still valuable as long as it’s made from precious metals or jewels.

9. Baby Items

If you’re a parent, then you know how fast you can go through clothing and other baby items. They grow up so fast!

This means new parents are also always looking to grab new items for their baby since they know they will only be needing them for a short amount of time. After all, kids sure are expensive. However, savvy parents know how to have a baby on a budget!

6 Things To Make And Sell To Make Money

1. Artwork

Do you have a creative side that is dying to come out? Many people love original artwork from local creators. You can sell your artwork at craft fairs or can make prints to sell online through Etsy. So, if you’re feeling inspired, why not create something new!

2. Digital Products

If you like to create on the computer, you can make your own digital products. This can be anything from printables on Etsy (think invitations, art prints, banners, etc.) to print-on-demand merchandise.

This is when you upload the design to a website such as Redbubble or Merch by Amazon, and they print the design on items people order for you. Your artwork can be printed on items from stickers to mugs, t-shirts, to socks.

3. Plants

If you have a green thumb, then you may know how easy it can be to multiply your stash. By propagating your plants, you can grow more plants to sell to other people. It’s a win-win situation. You get to keep your original plant, and it continues to produce more and more plant babies.

Certain plants can be worth a ton!

4. Soap

Artisanal soaps look gorgeous and feel amazing. Making your own soap is easier than you think and can be such a fun activity. Other self-care care items such as lip balm, bath balms, essential oil products, and more are also good options.

People love handcrafted luxury items, especially when they are made from high-quality products and offer personalization.

5. Candles

Another craft that is rising in popularity is homemade candles. You can make seasonal scent options for the holidays or make personalized gifts for events such as bachelorette parties. There are a ton of ways you can get fun with it and find your niche.

Once again, make sure to use high-quality ingredients and make customized labels.

6. Upcycled Furniture

Upgraded to new furniture or experiencing a big move? If you have gently used furniture that you’re looking to give away, there are plenty of college students out there looking to scoop up your furniture.

You can also look for other hidden gems and rework them to sell them for a profit. Just like house flipping, furniture flipping can be a lucrative side gig.

5 Things To Sell To Make Money Online

1. Phones

If you’ve upgraded to a new phone, consider selling your old one. Many people buy used or refurbished phones from places such as Craigslist or eBay. On average, an iPhone or Samsung in good condition can go for around $300.

People prefer newer models, so if you don’t need to hold onto your old phone, pass it along! Just make sure to wipe your phone of all data before selling.

2. Clothes

It’s time to say goodbye to that sweater your mom bought you three years ago for Christmas that you’ve only worn once. Doing a closet cleanout is one of the easiest ways to not only declutter your house but make some extra money too.

You can either sell your clothes online using apps such as Poshmark, Depop, or eBay or take them to a local consignment store or an online one such as ThredUp.

3. Handbags

One profitable item that never seems to lose its demand is handbags. If you have some designer handbags or even good quality name brands, you can sell them online on websites such as The Real Real, Rebag, or Fashionphile.

You can also sell in-person to a consignment store, but you may get a lower return than if you sold it yourself.

4. Collectible Toys

There’s nothing quite like nostalgia to get people to bring out their wallets. If you have any old toys such as Cabbage Patch Kids, Bratz, Beanie Babies, and even Littlest Pet Shop, they may hold a ton of sentimental value to someone. There are also people who love to collect items such as these off of eBay and other online sites.

5. Yourself!

Yes, you have plenty of skills that others would happily pay for! Whether that is personal fitness or social media, you can market your skills on websites such as Fiverr or Upwork, and people will hire you.

You can decide what to charge and set your own hours. If you’re looking for a side gig, this could be a profitable business to do when you have the time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of things to sell to make money. Take a look through your house and see if you have anything that might be of value to someone else that you wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative!