Rob Phelan, a high school financial educator, is on a mission to change how kids, specifically teenagers, learn about money.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to have conversations about money with teenagers
  • How to create opportunities for teens to practice managing money
  • Financial challenges faced by young adults – and how to prepare teens to face these challenges
  • Practical strategies you can do at home to teach your kids/teens about money

Check out Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner’s Book: Raising Your Money Savvy Family
Check out Dan Sheek’s Book: First to a Million
Check out Clifton Corbin’s Book: Your Kids, Their Money
Check out Rob Phelan’s Children’s Book: M is for Money
Check out Rob Phelan’s Workbook: The Simple Startup
Connect with Rob on Instagram: @fieducator

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