In this episode, Zina Kumok shares her journey of paying off $24,000 in student loans in just three years. She emphasizes the importance of budgeting and tracking expenses, as well as the power of making small extra payments.

Zina also discusses the balance between frugality and happiness, and the need to find peace with past money choices. She highlights the shift in personal finance advice for Gen Z and the importance of considering the emotional aspect of money.


  • Budgeting and tracking expenses are crucial for managing debt and achieving financial goals.
  • Making small extra payments can have a significant impact on debt payoff.
  • Finding a balance between frugality and happiness is important for overall well-being.
  • It’s essential to find peace with past money choices and focus on personal growth.
  • Personal finance advice is shifting to consider the emotional aspect of money and the individual’s unique circumstances.
  • Finding deeper reasons for financial goals and aligning them with everyday life can provide motivation and fulfillment.

Wall Street Journal Article on Gen Z and Dave Ramsey
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