Ever found yourself bickering over budgeting with your partner? Allow relationship coach Karina F Daves to shed some light on this all-too-common issue.

Karina’s poignant insights about the significant role of aligning values when it comes to spending, and her personal experience of transitioning from a full-time tech gig to entrepreneurship, promise to offer a fresh perspective on money and relationships. She encourages taking a step back from the nitty-gritty of financial decisions, instead focusing on the clash of values that often fuels money disagreements.

Karina’s journey isn’t just about balancing a job and a passion project; it’s a story of resilience, setting boundaries, and effective communication within a partnership. Working through the challenges of a demanding tech job while building her coaching business, she is finding the right moment to make a leap of faith into full-time entrepreneurship.

Together with Karina, we explore the nuances of managing finances within a relationship, especially when one partner is on the cusp of a career transition. This episode is a call to action for couples to start those crucial money conversations and create a strong financial foundation for their relationship. So tune in, you might just find the key to transforming your perspective on money, relationships, and life transitions.

Find out more about Karina here: https://karinafdaves.com/
Follow her on Instagram: @karinafdaves
Check out her podcast: One Day at a Time

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