Imagine having a rich auntie who can impart financial wisdom, help you pay off debt, and guide you towards building your wealth. Today, we have the privilege of chatting with Bernadette Joy, a renowned money expert, who is just that—a rich auntie—and she takes us on an incredible journey of her transition from a staggering $300,000 debt to a whopping $1 million net worth, all in her 30s.

We take a peek into her tough journey, her slip-ups, and her money smarts, showing us how to wipe out debt, stash some cash, and invest with confidence.

One of the most enlightening aspects we delve into is Bernadette’s bold decision to close her business in 2019, right before the pandemic hit. It’s a raw and honest conversation about the real essence of financial freedom and how it goes beyond just the numbers game—it’s a whole emotional odyssey.

We unpack the pressures of continually increasing net worth even at the point of financial freedom and discuss the role money plays in the pursuit of happiness, but without being a surefire recipe for joy.

Transitioning from financial to physical well-being, Bernadette shares insights on how nutrition impacts mental and physical health. Always mindful of her missteps, Bernadette helps us understand how learning from our money mistakes is an essential part of the journey.

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