Ever felt like you’re working way too hard, but not getting paid nearly enough for your efforts? Our guest for today, Fernanda Carnavan, a Latina money and career educator, has been there.

Fernanda, the creator of the platform Relentless Latina, takes us through her journey of grit and resilience where she went from being underpaid and overworked, to valiantly claiming her worth. She talks about her experience with the phenomenon of “quiet promotions” in male-dominated fields and provides practical tips on how to spot and tackle such situations.

Fernanda’s narrative goes deeper as she details her experiences with gender inequality in the workplace. The relocation to a new state with no salary hike and the realization of being underpaid led her to advocate for herself fiercely.

She shares her insights and advice for others going through the same ordeal, empowering them to not settle for less than they deserve. We also touch upon Fernanda’s passion project, Relentless Latina, a platform she created to empower Latina women in their career and financial journeys.

Fernanda’s journey is an empowering testament to the power of self-worth and resilience. Fernanda’s story is not just her own, but a tale of strength and determination that could inspire anyone to take control of their career and finances.

Visit Fernanda’s Website: Relentless Latina
Follow Fernanda on Instagram: @relentless.latina

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