Do you ever feel like your personal finances are a mystery you’ll never solve? What if you could completely reframe your thinking about debt and wealth building?

In a riveting conversation with the brilliant Rachel Luna, a renowned international speaker, certified master neuroscience coach, and bestselling author, we uncover the transformative power of rethinking our personal finances.

Rachel’s journey is one of resilience and grit, overcoming adversity to become the influencer she is today. She generously shares her personal experiences, insights, and strategies, drawing from her empowering book, “Permission to Offend.”

This book is a beacon for women, particularly mothers, nudging them towards a life of authenticity and abundance. Rachel’s insights are steeped in empathy, and she underscores the importance of daily self-check-ins, a crucial step towards acknowledging our inherent value, independent of our bank account or net worth.

In our exploration of personal finance management, we challenge old habits and mindsets, particularly those influenced by trauma. Rachel’s candid discussions about overcoming debt, not once, but twice, are particularly enlightening.

She offers a fresh perspective on how to navigate the feelings of shame, guilt, and blame that often accompany debt. With her valuable insights and actionable advice, you’ll learn how to reframe your own narrative about money and debt. So, ready to transform your personal finances and live a life of abundance? Listen in!

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