What does resilience look like in the face of unimaginable loss? How do you navigate the emotional and financial minefield of burying your loved one? 

This week, I had the honor of talking with Jen Narciso, founder of Investor Mama, who courageously shared her own personal journey of losing her son, Nathan Ryan. 

In our deeply moving conversation, Jen opens up about the heartbreaking decisions she and her husband faced when Nathan passed away.

From the despair of not knowing where to turn for help, to the struggle of arranging a dignified burial despite financial constraints, Jen’s story is a stark reminder of the importance of being prepared for life’s unexpected turns. 

We also shed light on some incredible organizations that could provide crucial support in such difficult times.

The conversation then takes a turn to discuss wealth building and financial planning. Jen shares her personal experiences of money management during this challenging period, of finding funds and prepaying for a mausoleum for Nathan. She provides invaluable advice for parents who may one day find themselves in the same trying situation.

 On a lighter note, we also touch upon the joy of travel and how to avoid common money mistakes. 

This episode is a testament to Jen’s courage and resilience, and a journey we invite you—our listeners—to join us on. It’s raw, it’s real, and it might just change the way you see your own challenges.

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