spring on a budget by www.inspiredbudget.com

Don’t you just love when Spring is here and you can emerge from the dark cave of winter?  I mean, winter is beautiful and all, but to me, springtime means nature, cookouts, and exploring!  If you’re a mom and trying to entertain kids this Spring, it is possible to find budget friendly activities that get the kids away from the tv!  Here are 25 spring activities that are free, or almost free!

1. Have a water balloon fight.

I don’t care how old your child is, but water balloons know no age limits.  If they are young, then have them throw the balloons on the ground and see the splash!  If they are older, then challenge them to a water balloon fight: kids vs. parents!

2. Visit a farmer’s market.

We love farmers markets because not only does it force us to get outside and enjoy our weekend, but we can buy produce that has been locally grown.  If you don’t want to spend money, then just walk around and enjoy the scenery. Hopefully, they have free samples too!

3. Collect and paint rocks.

Head outdoors and collect rocks for you and your kids to paint.  They can paint unique designs or even kind words. To make it even more memorable, paint a nice picture or saying on the rocks and leave them on a friend’s doorstep!

4. Go fishing.

Find a nearby lake, pond, or river and spend the day fishing with your family!  If you already have the gear then this could be practically free.

5. Hit up a baseball game.

You don’t have to attend a major league baseball game to enjoy the sport!  Consider supporting your local high school team or a minor league team in your area.  Tickets won’t be as expensive but you’ll still have fun.

6. Make a bird feeder.

This is a simple and fun activity to do with your kids!  There are plans everywhere, but this site has 23 examples of DIY bird feeders!  I like how so many of them use upcycled materials.

7. Go camping (even if it’s in your backyard).

Find a local camping spot or just set up a tent in your backyard to enjoy the spring weather.

8. Go kayaking or canoeing.

I bet there’s a spot not too far from you that will rent out kayaks or canoes by the hour.  A lot of state parks have that as an option and although it’s not completely free, it’s still a budget-friendly activity!

9. Have a picnic and fly a kite.

One of our favorite spring activities is to take a kite out to a wide open area and just let our kids run around with them.  Bring along snacks and water to make it a picnic.

10. Find a free (or inexpensive) museum.

Our town has a free firefighter museum that we like to go to every now and then.  It gets the kids out of the house and they learn something new! Just google around for free or cheap options in your area!

11. Go on a hike.

There’s something about being outdoors and walking around that is so good for the soul!  Find a park with some trails and just surround yourself with nature for a while.

12. Only order appetizers.

Choose a restaurant that you’ve never been to before and only order appetizers.  It gives you an opportunity to try their food and not spend a fortune on dining out.

13. Go to a soccer game.

Our family grew up playing soccer so I love the idea of attending a soccer game!  If you have a college in your town then you can head to one of their games.

14. Host a potluck.

Invite your friends and family over for dinner.  Ask everyone to bring their favorite appetizer! You can provide an appetizer and the drinks for an inexpensive night in with friends.

15. Host a game night.

Have a few friends bring over their favorite game and snack.  You’ll be entertained for hours!

16. Attend a class for free at your library.

Local libraries have great classes that vary from education classes to hobby classes.  Your children might even find something that they are interested in. These are usually free!

17. Have a sidewalk chalk contest.

Bust out the sidewalk chalk and color your very best mural on the driveway!  Your family can vote on their favorite!

18. Plant an herb or vegetable garden.

Although this isn’t 100% free, you can easily plant an herb or small vegetable garden in a pot and not spend a fortune.

19. Go to a state park.

 If there is a state park near you then head there for a day of exploring.  Pack some water and snacks and enjoy time in nature.

20. Bake something new.

Find a fun recipe and bake something that you’ve never made before! Include your children so that they can not only spend quality time with you, but learn to enjoy baking in the kitchen.  To make this even sweeter, package up part of what you made and drop it at a friend’s house just to be nice!

21. Find a free event in your town.

Your town is probably hosting a fun (and completely free) event sometime this Spring!  Bring your family and fall in love with where you live. If your town doesn’t offer a free event then check surrounding towns!

22. Paint a picture.

Pull up your favorite scene or picture and try to recreate it for yourself!  

23. Attend a Home Depot workshop.

Home Depot hosts workshops every weekend.  They have some for adults and others are targeted specifically for kids!  Just check out their schedule online.

24. Go for a walk in a different neighborhood.

Instead of walking in your neighborhood, find a place in town that you think is beautiful.  Park your car and walk around just to look at the homes!

25. Make homemade ice cream.

You don’t need an ice cream maker to make delicious ice cream!  Here’s a recipe for Easy Homemade Ice Cream!

As long as you’re willing to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful Spring weather, you can have fun on a budget!  What is your favorite thing to do in Spring that doesn’t cost a fortune?