Find What’s Worth Saving For

I once had a friend tell me that sending money to savings was pointless. I stood there trying to hide my obvious shock and disbelief as I listened to her share more of her theory. “You just don’t know when you’re going to die, so why save money when you can use it to fully enjoy life today?” I wasn’t quite sure how to respond.

The short answer: You save money because it’s the responsible thing to do.

The long answer: Saving money is not only responsible, but it allows you to do even more than you could have ever imagined! Your trips can be bigger, your retirement longer, your nest egg larger!

I mean, I get it! Spending money is fun. I had to learn over time how to actually enjoy saving money. Any time my husband or I get paid we have to send money to savings immediately. Not tomorrow. Not next week. If we wait too long then I can guarantee you that we will find a way to spend extra money. Whether I hit up my favorite aisle in Target or he heads to Home Depot, the money will leave our account. We had to learn over the years how to force ourselves to save money…and let me tell you that it hasn’t always been easy. But I do know that saving money is necessary

Worth Saving For

I want you to take a moment to dream of what is worth saving for. Do you want to visit a country that’s been on your bucket list for years? Maybe you have a goal to help pay for your kid’s college or help them out in some way. Or do you want to be able to retire and not worry about money each month? Imagine how freeing that would be! Money would no longer be a stress in your life. You could focus on family and enjoy your days without fear of how you’d pay bills.

I can promise you that once you’ve found what is worth saving for, then setting money aside becomes so much easier. For our family, we have a dream of buying a car and paying for it in cash. We don’t want to have the added cost each month of a car payment. We also want to not only take a family vacation each summer but take a couples vacation each year. These trips add up and would not be possible if we didn’t set aside money for them. Take a moment to dream a little. What do you want to save for? Where do you want to go? Once you have that seed planted, then you can figure out the how. How will you reach these goals and make them doable? How can you go from not saving money to making saving money second nature? Thankfully, there’s a bank out there that can help make saving money not only possible but effortless!

Worth Saving For by

Green Dot Makes Saving Effortless

Green Dot is an online bank that now has an unlimited cash back bank account. Want to know the best part? This is a legit bank account and not a credit card! Green Dot gives you access to tons of ATMs, allows you to transfer money from other bank accounts, and has an app as well! Let’s dive into 2 major ways that Green Dot helps make saving second nature!

Sign up for the unlimited cash back bank account by Green Dot!

Did you see that word “unlimited?” That’s INCREDIBLE…especially for a debit card! Green Dot will give you 3% back when you buy online or through the app. That’s like FREE money! I love how you can get money back on purchases you’d make no matter what. And 3% back is no joke. I’m all about finding ways to get more bang for your buck!

You can earn 3% interest when you save your money in Green Dot’s high yield savings account.

I cannot tell you how amazing that is!!! 3% is a LOT to get back from a high yield savings account. This is a great place to set aside money for that dream you have. While you’re saving for those amazing things you want to do one day, your money will be making even more money! This will make it so much easier to reach your financial goals even faster.

Make A Plan

Now is the time to make a plan to help you save effortlessly! Instead of just dreaming about how you’ll set aside money for what’s worth saving for, do it! So whether you plan to include saving money in your everyday budget to sign up for Green Dot’s unlimited cash back account, the important thing to do is take action today. To sign up for Green Dot’s unlimited cash back account click HERE and see how much you can save!

*This is a sponsored post brought to you by Green Dot.  All opinions are 100% my own.