• 4 Habits For A Stronger Marriage

    4 Habits For A Stronger Marriage by

    I felt alone. Almost like we were roommates and no longer spouses. I realized that something had to change. My husband and I were living under the same roof, but to be perfectly honest, we were no longer investing in each other. We needed a stronger marriage. I’m sure you can relate. Life gets busy. […]

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  • How To Move On A Budget

    5 Ways To Save Money On Your Move by

    I’ll never forget the first time I ever moved after college. I was headed to my first “real job” as a third grade teacher. I enlisted the help of my mom and dad to load up a trailer with my measly possessions and Ikea furniture. The week before I headed off across the state I […]

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  • 17 Screen Free Activities For Kids

    17 Screen Free Activities For Kids by

    It’s official….summer is here! When I sit down to envision my summer, it’s always filled with endless pool time, late bedtimes, and dinners outside with our family. In these visions, my two children are always eager to get outdoors, read books inside, and play together without arguing. But then reality sets in. I don’t know […]

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  • How To Teach Your Kids About Money

    How To Teach Kids About Money by

    Teaching kids about money can be nerve-wracking. Especially when you’re an adult and you aren’t quite sure you’re doing this whole “money thing” right in the first place. I’m going to be honest here…I’m a mom and I know fully well that I’m going to screw my kids up in some way. Yes, I’m owning […]

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