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8 Things You Need To Know About Cash Envelopes by

8 Things Everyone Should Know About Cash Envelopes

So you’ve seen budgeters all over carrying around envelopes full of cash. Questions might be flooding your mind about the cash envelope system… What’s this all about?  Are they crazy?  Did they just rob a bank?  Or is this something that I should be doing?  And seriously…does the cash envelope system actually work?  These are […] Read more…

How To Use The Cash Envelope System

How To Use The Cash Envelope System

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard of the cash envelope system, I was sure it was not for me. I mean, who would want to carry around all that cash? And what about the change?! “Those cash people are crazy” I thought. Ha! The joke was on me, friend! You see, cash envelopes […] Read more…

How To Set Up Sinking Funds by

How Sinking Funds Can Save Your Sanity

Have you ever tried to make a budget and then something goes wrong?  Maybe your car breaks down or needs new tires.  Or your child was invited to a friend’s birthday party and you forgot to budget for a present.  Even worse, your taxes went up and now you have to either pay a lump […] Read more…