Magnify Your Money!

It looks like you’ve got a handle on your finances but want your money to grow!

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Don’t let fear keep you from taking this exciting step in your money journey.

Whether that be the fear of losing money or the fear of getting started with investing…

…knowledge will help you combat these fears as you take steps along a proven path!

All you need is a little guidance and a few resources to get you going (and hey, I can help with both!).

Want to build wealth by helping your money collect interest instead of cobwebs? Keep on reading!



1. Read the blog post: Investing while paying off debt – things to consider.

2. Women and Investing: This podcast episode breaks down why it’s important for women to start investing today (yes, even if you have debt). Listen to it here.

3. Have an old 401(k)? Capitalize will help you roll it into an IRA for free. Get started today!

4. Get the book: Money Made Easy – This step-by-step book breaks down how to budget, pay off debt, and save money. Get the book here.

5. Get clarity: Learn how to write a budget that helps you reach your investing goals (without sacrificing your weekly latte run). Watch the free class here!

Hi! I’m Allison!

I’m an author, podcaster, and teacher turned money expert.

After paying off over $100,000 on two teacher salaries, I discovered that I have a passion for helping people make money easy.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to budget better, save money, and build wealth.

Most of all, I help people like you have peace of mind with their money.

The Budgeting Cheat Sheet & The Debt Free Roadmap

The Budgeting Cheat Sheet

The Budgeting and Debt Free Cheat Sheet will help you get started with setting up a budget that will help you reach your money goals.

The Debt Free Roadmap

The Debt Free Roadmap is perfect for anyone who is ready to free themselves of their monthly debt payments and keep more of their hard-earned money.