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Personal Finance Club Course Review: How To Invest In Index Funds

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If you’ve been around Instagram’s personal finance space, then chances are likely you’ve heard of Personal Finance Club. Jeremy Schneider (the man behind the profile) creates incredible visuals to showcase what it looks like to:

  1. Live on less than you make
  2. Invest the rest.

His profile is full of graphics that teach his 243K+ Instagram followers how investing can actually be (gasp!) pretty simple.

While his Instagram is incredibly helpful and teaches a ton, sometimes we need more guided instruction. This is why he has created a course all about how to build wealth by investing in index funds.

Before we dive into whether or not his course is legit (spoiler: it is), let’s take a look at who on earth this Jeremy guy is and why we should even listen to him.

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What Is Personal Finance Club?

Personal Finance Club is a small business created by Jeremy Schneider. His business consists of: 

  • a massive Instagram following (go follow him on Instagram @personalfinanceclub if you haven’t already). 
  • a website where you can read articles about investing as well as use calculators to plug in your own numbers to learn more about your investing journey.
  • a course that not only teaches you about the stock market but how investing in index funds is the best way to build long-term wealth.

Not only does Personal Finance Club talk about money and personal finances, but he’s willing to discuss the racial wealth gap in America and what it means in today’s world.

Because he’s willing to have these important conversations, he has become a favorite on Instagram.

Overall, Personal Finance Club aims to teach people the how behind investing. Investing doesn’t have to be confusing when you have Personal Finance Club as your teacher and guide.

Who Is Jeremy Schneider?

Jeremy Schneider is the face behind Personal Finance Club. He retired when he was 36 years old as a multi-millionaire.

So how did he get there?

At 24 years old he turned down a job working for Microsoft to start his own business. By 26 years old his business was making money and Jeremy was able to pay off all his debt. By 30 years old Jeremy’s company was worth about $1 million. Fast forward to 34 and Jeremy was able to sell his company for $5 million.

While he did make a lot of money from selling his company, he started investing in index funds when he was young. His wealth has increased in part to these investments that he’s made over time. Jeremy breaks down these simple investing strategies in his popular course, How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds.

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What Will You Learn In This Course?

I’ve personally taken Jeremy’s course on investing in index funds and not only is it thorough, but it’s easy to understand. This course covers many topics including the following below.

Compound Growth

If you want to invest your money, then it’s important you understand what compound growth is and why it plays a huge factor in your money growth.

This course includes videos explaining what compound growth is, how the math works, the cost of inflation, and how to use a calculator to predict your investment growth.

Expense Ratios And Fees

Managing your investments costs money. This course teaches you what to look for when it comes to expense ratios (fees) so that you get to keep more of your hard-earned money once retirement hits.

Stocks and Bonds

Jeremy dives deep into the difference between stocks and bonds. He goes into detail on how stocks work as well as how to buy an individual stock (he actually purchases the stock in the course so you can see exactly how it works step-by-step!).

This course also covers what bonds are and how they work.

Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and ETFs

If you are new to investing, then you’ll love the chapter in the course that focuses on mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs. Jeremy highlights the difference between mutual funds and index funds that actually makes sense.

The course covers how to determine which index funds are best for you, as well as how to actually purchase index funds and ETFs inside Vanguard.

You’ll also learn about three fund portfolios and target date index funds. Jeremy even walks through purchasing a target date index fund so you know exactly how it’s done.

Taxes and Types Of Accounts 

Chances are you want to keep as much of the money you invest in your pocket. This course walks through capital gains and different types of accounts you can set up.

Below are the types of accounts he covers in depth:

  • IRAs
  • Roth IRA
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Accounts
  • HSA
How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds Course

Case Studies and a Checklist

Not sure where to start when it comes to investing? This course offers an ultimate checklist and which order to invest in. This is perfect for anyone who is unsure how to prioritize their investments. 

How To Invest In Index Funds also includes two separate case studies so you can see investing in action. You’ll see the age of someone, how much they make, and exactly what they should do first when it comes to investing.

These case studies are perfect for anyone who wants to see step by step how they can apply this course to their real life. Simply watch the case study and then follow the same steps he goes through in the study!

Bonus Content

When you sign up for How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds, you’ll have access to 90 minutes worth of bonus content. The bonus content includes:

  • How to time the market
  • Lump sum vs dollar cost averaging
  • Rebalancing your investments
  • Your FI (financial independence) number
  • Withdrawal strategies in retirement
  • Investing for kids

What Is The Format Of This Course? 

How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds is broken down into 2 formats: videos and quizzes. The majority of the course contains videos that you can watch on your own schedule. Every now and then there are quizzes where you’ll learn by doing, not simply regurgitating information. 

The videos aren’t too long, they are very informative, and allow Jeremy to actually teach with visuals easily. 

How long does it take to complete?

This course has 6 hours of video content, but I would not recommend taking the entire course in one sitting. Instead, I would break the course up over modules. There are 6 modules altogether (7 modules if you include the Bonus chapter). 

This course would be best completed over several days so that you can implement what you’re learning along the way. The best part is that you always have access to How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds which means you can always come back to the course as a refresher in the future.

How Much Is The Course? 

Currently, How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds is $79. You can grab Jeremy Schneider’s course and 3 months of office hours for $119. Jeremy has office hours once a week where you can ask him anything about investing. If you have specific questions that you need help with, then this is for you!

Similar courses are priced $300+ in the same space. So why did Personal Finance Club price this course so low? 


He wants everyone to invest. He wants everyone to have the ability to build massive wealth. So he offers this course at a low rate that almost anyone can afford!

Plus, he has a 100% money back guarantee which means if you get the course and can’t stand it, he will give you all your money back without questions. 

Who This Course Is For

How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds is perfect for anyone that is new to investing and not only wants to learn the fundamentals of the stock market but also wants to make investing easy

It’s designed for anyone who is ready to grow their money and doesn’t want to pay high fees by handing it over to someone else to manage. If you are ready to invest, but you don’t know where on earth to start, then this course is for you!

Who This Course Is Not For

This course is NOT for anyone who is already an expert in investing and the stock market.

What Are People Saying About It?

Below are a few reviews of Jeremy’s Course.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Jeremy Schneider’s course How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds helps break down investing in a format that is easy to understand. If you’re new to investing and the idea of the stock market scares you, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU.

While reading a book about investing can be informative and helpful, Jeremy’s course is packed with valuable videos so he can SHOW YOU how to invest instead of just telling you how to invest. It’s the best investing course I’ve taken, hands down.

Ready to dive into investing and let your money grow? Perfect! Sign up for the Personal Finance Club’s How To Build Wealth By Investing In Index Funds HERE.

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