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Last Sunday I did something that I don’t do often.  I headed to Target and broke my budget.  Yep, that’s right. Target strikes again! I was walking through the store and this bag caught my eye. It sat there hanging on a rack and I could almost hear it whisper “take me home.” Tote bags don’t usually speak to me directly, but when they do I am easily swayed.  After petting the bag in the middle of Target for what I admit is a little too long, I happily handed the cashier my debit card and got out of there before the responsible side of me tried to put the bag back on the rack.

The next morning I jumped on my Instagram stories and recounted the trip.  I admitted that I am by no means perfect, and even admitted that my computer won’t actually fit in the bag (my reasoning for buying the tote bag). Do I plan on taking the bag back? Absolutely not!  My new tote bag is perfect for plane rides and hauling all my teacher supplies around in.  All in all, this beauty is a keeper!

The next day a sweet follower named Danielle messaged me to tell me that she has this same bag and wanted to send it to me for FREE because she doesn’t use it. I couldn’t believe it and decided that there is still hope in this great big world!

At first, I was excited to return my bag and get my $40 back.  But Danielle’s kind actions brought me so much joy that I knew I needed to pay it forward.  Thus the Pay It Forward Giveaway was formed! Thanks to a sweet follower, I am sending one person this bag PLUS my Budget Better Than Ever Online Course for FREE!  All I ask is that if you win, you too pay an act of kindness forward to someone else.

The giveaway is open to residents in the US only.  It’s open until 11:59 pm September 25th PST.  

Enter the giveaway below!

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  1. It warms my heart to see stories like this one! So reaffirming to know that kind and amazing people are still out there in this world! 😇

  2. How thoughtful to offer this! I once was in the Starbucks drive thru and a gentleman payed for my order. This had never happened to me before and I was just surprised and thankful at his kindness.

  3. A woman paid my 300 water bill when my husband was off work !! It was one of the biggest blessings we’d recieved and all she asked was for us to pay it forward

  4. My work hosted a surprise potluck baby shower for me earlier this year. It meant a a lot because I had only been working there for a short period and didn’t know some of the employees that well. I was completely surprised and most of all grateful.

  5. I love this idea! A time someone did something really nice was when it was pouring out in LA (a rarity I know) and I was waiting for my bus. A lady right beside me told me to get under her umbrella so I didn’t get wet. It was a small thing, yes, but it was incredibly sweet of her to offer!

  6. Just the other day I went for a walk on my lunch break and put my debit card and drivers license in my pocket. Somewhere along the way my ID fell out and I didn’t realize it until I got back to work! Thankfully someone picked it up and found me on Facebook and Instagram to message me and let me know they found it. They were willing to mail it to me but they work just down the street from me and I was able to pick it up. I know it seems like a common sense thing to do, but It really was awesome he made a real effort to get in contact with me and return my ID! Super grateful for that!

  7. My Mother-in-law always goes above and beyond for everyone around her. She has a magical way of making everyone she talks to feel extra special and like they are the center of attention. And her honesty is amazing. I recently had a very bad haircut and didn’t say much about it. I just figured I’d just go with it because it’s only hair. But she told me their is nothing wrong with getting a second haircut to fix it because it looks really bad in the back especially. Lol. I love to tell her that she’s my person! Her love for all 10 of her Grandchildren and her 4 sons is truly unstoppable. Thank you for allowing me to brag on her! ♡

  8. Last month a friend of mine was hurting financially and I knew if we stayed in budget we could help in some way. So I found one of those boxed meals home delivery kit things and we sent it to them for a few weeks. I put her name on the shipping level so they never knew who it was from us!

  9. I’m pregnant with a little boy and my baby shower was a couple of months ago. My close friend at work wanted to throw it for me at her home, but ended up needing to move out of that space to get away from her relationship. Another coworker who I was not close with jumped right in and threw it at her home and planned the whole thing because she’s a spectacular human being. She saved the day and made my daughter and me feel special and loved. ❤

  10. As a teacher and lover of bags, I was totally itching to go buy that bag after watching your instastory! I resisted the temptation 🙈

  11. One time I was having a rough day at work, and someone noticed and left me some candy in my box. I still don’t know who it was! So kind!

  12. I feel very blessed to have so many examples of kindness in my life. One day a student (that I didn’t even work with) bought me a book just because she knew I love dogs. The book was poems from a dogs perspective. It was so generous and kind!

  13. I had a lady, who had pancreatic cancer and was on her way to spend time with family for the last time, in the Atlanta airport pay for my Five Guys meal. She told me she shared her cancer journey and said she wished everyone knew Jesus and loved each other. We prayed together afterward and she went on her. She paid it forward to me in so many ways.

  14. This was very awesome of you to decide to give your bag away !

    I do hope that I win the bag I’m traveling in oct and nov and would be a great purse for the airport.

    Also your tips and tricks and your cash envelopes are amazing !!! I am using them right now ! So glad I subscribed. Thank you and God bless your heart & family.

  15. The best thing I have been given was a simple thank you from a doctor who I will never forget. As a nurse, you don’t get a “thank you for taking care of my patient” very often. That’s why this one time that happened over 7 years ago has stuck with me.

  16. Several years ago when my husband I were struggling financially and we were having a hard time even paying our rent, we had sweet friends who came beside us in that and helped us out with our rent payment one month. It was such a blessing. That is one of a million stories I could tell of people’s act of kindness in my life.

  17. What a neat giveaway! I took a two week trip for school and was talking to my uncle about it, about how I needed to prepare. Later than day, he slipped $200 into my hand and said, “this is to buy stuff for your trip.” I was so grateful! Acts like that are a huge driver for me to get out of debt so I can bless others!

  18. How awesome was this! My ex coworker made my day on Thursday. I was just diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at 40. I been feeling scared and down about it. Out of nowhere I received mail/an envelope from another department… inside was a small lotion(my favorite) from her… made me feel loved. ☺☺

  19. I love when I get up to the drive thru and find the car in front of me paid for me. I always pay it forward and it brightens my whole day!

  20. This is awesome! Just yesterday my co worker brought me an entire gift basket with items to make me feel better when she heard I was sick! It included soup, crackers,tea, peppermint oil, the whole nine years! What a thoughtful gift! I get to return the favor next week when she goes in for surgery.

  21. Lately I been struggling to take care of my kids because my mother has cancer and I’m caring for her so I did FMLA at work. My church came along side me Discovery Church and My job help me when my transmission went out. They paid for it. Also my coworker was giving me rides to school and work. I love everyone and I can’t wait until the day I’m on my feet to paid it forward

  22. I love things like this. My birthday was this past week. Growing up, my mama always made my fav cake for my birthday every year….German chocolate. My mama went to heaven 21 yrs ago and I’ve missed my German chocolate cakes. Last week my daughter made me a homemade German chocolate cake. It made my birthday feel so special again!

  23. A few months after I had my first child, I went to walmart to get some groceries. At the time, money was very tight. When we went to check out, we didn’t have enough money to pay for everything, so we asked to return some items (like 2 or 3). However, a gentelman who was waiting to check out and who was witnessing everything, asked the cashier to put the items back in our grocery bags because he was going to pay for them. His gesture definitely made our night!

  24. I work with cancer patients and it always warms my heart when they bring in goodies to us nurses. Here they are fighting for their lives but still think about us. It’s incredibly heartwarming! ❤️

  25. This isn’t really about me but it’s something that affected my family. My dad works for himself, he has a small roadside service for semi trucks. His work truck was stolen along with all of his tools and about $3,000 (yes, I realize that was not very smart of him). My parents, my brothers and I were very upset. My father is undocumented and has worked since a very young age, it just wasn’t right. But he kept a good attitude. His truck was found but it was stripped it clean of all his tools and money. Long story short, a couple of his faithful clients got together and bought him well over $3,000 worth of tools. When my dad told me what they did, my eyes welled up with tears. My father has always been a giving and generous man because he knows what it’s like to struggle, I believe that that kind gesture on behalf of his clients was God blessing him in return.

  26. My mom brought me a cup of coffee one morning when she knew I had 3 exams to take that day. It really made me feel like I could take on the world!

  27. My landlord new I was struggling for money so she decided to pay for a full month of my metro card for work and I couldn’t help but cry

  28. One of the kindest things and most generous things someone has ever done for me was a sweet friend who paid for my wedding dress!! It blessed me beyond what they could have every known and 6 years later I am still so thankful for that!

  29. When our 8 month old puppy got into a bottle of Advil, he went into kidney failure. Let’s just say that 7 days of 24 hour emergency vet care is not cheap!

    Our pup made it, thank God, but we were left with a bill that seemed like an impossible mountain to climb.

    Our community group knew this, gathered their funds, and paid half the bill for us. Out of the blue.

    Now that’s paying it forward!

  30. Once in Starbucks the person infront of pay for my order, never got a chance to tell him thank you.. I will also pay it forward for my coworkers lunch.. it doesn’t mean I have alot of cash it’s just that I know how it feels not having’re so kind and loved all the great post you share.. thank you and good luck everyone

  31. This is so awesome! Recently we ran into a bunch of car trouble on both of our vehicles, my husband’s family had a low mileage minivan just sitting and decided to pay it forward to our little family. It’s taken some time to get used to driving around a minivan, BUT we have been blessed by a reliable vehicle and hope to pay it forward elsewhere to someone in need someday ❤️ Good people are out there and in God’s perfect timing He blesses us!

  32. My hubby strives daily to do awesome things for me. I’m so happy to have him through all these years. I can’t name one time he’s done something for me- over 27 years there just too many times, but the greatest are giving me our children!

  33. My girlfriends took turns dropping off baskets of favorite things to me when I was super sad. They took turns helping me when I could not help myself. Love my tribe!

  34. This is such a sweet thing to do❤️ I was once in the drive through and someone in front of me paid for my order. I’ve always heard of this happening, but never thought anyone would do it for me. I was so thankful for that kind person.

  35. I was in the driveway at Starbucks and the car in front of me paid for my whole order. I love the idea of paying it forward and I think if we all do this we can grow together 💕

  36. When I started grad school I had to move, which is expensive (of course) and I was moving to downtown Boston which is also expensive- needeless to say I was pretty broke by the time I started school. So my sweet friend knew how worried I was about finances and yet wanted to explore the new city I was living in, sent me a gift card to a really nice tapas restaurant! It was such a blessing not to have to cook and have a nice meal out!

  37. I love acts of kindness!! They just make life come alive, ya know? I’m a teacher and I was at target buying notebooks and school supplies for the upcoming year. The lady behind me bought the school supplies for me! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. Being a teacher can feel so unsupported and villainized, it was so amazing in that moment to have someone understand how much we do!

  38. Thank you for being so generous about sharing your knowledge and experiences. I am just starting my debt free journey with my husband, and your Instagram account and blog have been very inspirational.

  39. I am a fellow teacher mama and last year, I was entirely overwhelmed and it was written all over my face. One day in October, I ran in there, late and disheveled with my infant in tow. The Starbucks employee read the stress all over my face and paid for my drink! Out of his own pocket, while he was supposed to be making money. It was entirely too kind!

  40. My wonderful mom tribe blessed me and my family with means after the birth of my daughter. I normally am the one to take the meals so it was a sweet surprise to have the gesture returned.

  41. Allison you are such an inspiration! In 1998 I lost a baby who was born prematurely. My sisters gifted me with a spa day so that I could be pampered. The kindness of this gesture has not been forgotten, even after 20 years.

  42. Paying it forward… Such a simple and wonderful way to bring kindness to others! I wants had someone in a drive-through upgrade my order to the meal. I had only ordered one hamburger, because that’s all I had the money for at the time. It was a great surprise from a stranger. Blessings as you give!

  43. Once when I was in college, a kind stranger paid for dinner for our whole hibachi table. I was recently going through a breakup and taking on all of my bills that were recently split with my ex. So I was struggling but went out for a friend’s birthday. It was such a kind gesture! Thank you for the chance to win this cute tote! You’re too sweet ❤️

  44. I experienced someone paying it forward earlier this year! I was having a terrible day at work and was feeling really stressed out and exhausted. I went to McDonalds to grab a quick bite to eat. When I got to the window I was surprised to hear that the person in front of me had paid for my meal! I was so overwhelmed by the kindness that I continued the chain! 🙂

  45. This past Monday while I was at work, my mom was admitted to the hospital and my sister’s house was in danger from Hurricane Florence. Ine coworker brought me my favorite refrigerated iced coffee and another worked the last 2 hours of my shift so I could go visit my mom. They definitely made that day a little easier.

  46. Thanks for a great giveaway! I am going to bless my friends with babysitting 🙂 I have a friend who is 37 weeks pregnant and has a toddler!

  47. My friend Stephanie has the biggest heart, and when I left for Thailand in 2010 to teach ESL, she gave me a brand new kindle that had internet capabilities. It was the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful gift because I’m a total bookworm and my placement was so remote that I wouldn’t have access to any English books, other than the couple I could bring with me. Also, I didn’t know if I would have internet at my school, so this way I could at least send emails. I still have that kindle…I just can’t part with it.

  48. This is the best! Kindness is so often overlooked but it changes everything. I used to work at Chick-fil-A in the drive-thru and it was always so fun to deliver the news to someone that another car had payed for their order. It was even more fun when they continued it on and payed it forward. We once had a chain of 11 cars that all payed for the person behind them!

  49. My daughter and I were at The pet store last Christmas to buy toys for the dogs and she dropped her $20.00. We looked all over for it but could not find it anywhere. I went up to the front and asked if anyone had turned it in. No one had and my daughter was crushed. I kept telling her that it was ok but she was so upset. A lady that was standing in line heard us talking and she gave my daughter $20.00. I was totally embarrassed and grateful at the same time! It took me a few minutes to accept it because it wasn’t like I did not have any money. But she told me that it wasn’t for ME it was for my daughter and to please let her have it. I’ve never had anyone do anything like that before and what a wonderful feeling!!! I love that kind lady! I gave her the biggest hug ever!!!!

  50. I helped a customer with arranging her son’s 21st birthday which was part of my job. She was so thankful that she sent me the most beautiful flower arrangement I have ever received. I never expected anything in return but she wanted to thank me for making her son’s birthday the best. It really made my year!

  51. Love this! My BFF is the most selfless person I know and it’s become unsurprisingl that she will show up with coffee, buy concert tickets ,etc!

  52. How kind for someone to be so generous! Some of the best acts of kindness I’ve been shown were not monetary, but after having a baby having people spend time with my baby so I could get out of the house and have some time alone!

  53. I just love play it forward stuff! The other day we were in the drive thru at sonic and was very shocked to find out the person in front of us paid for our meal at!!

  54. Earlier this year, I went to Chik Fil A’s drive thru and when I was about to pay they said “the car in front of you paid for your order”. I almost started cried because of the generosity I received. I had just moved to my current city in Texas and thought “what a great welcome gift I just got!”.

  55. Love this! A kind thing someone did for me once was blessing with me a trip to Dallas for a church conference including the hotel room and travel expense! ❤️

  56. When I go shopping at Aldi, every time the cashiers unload my cart for me because I have one kiddo in the seat and another strapped to me. It’s defin not their job but they always make it so much easier on me! It’s the smallest acts of kindness that mean the most to me. ❤️

  57. What a thoughtful friend!! I remember a day I had that was not going well, it was just a bad day. I went to a Starbucks drive through, and someone had paid for my order. It was a very simple guesture, but it brought a little sunshine to my cloudy day.

  58. This is so kind! I love seeing ‘pay it forward’ and acts of kindness. It reminds me that while there is so much bad in this world, there are still genuinely good people! Kudos to you and thanks for your selflessness

  59. My husband is a police officer and every time we go to a local burrito place they always give us our meal for free (even when he’s not in uniform) I think it’s so sweet and we always leave a tip that would cover the meal so the employee benefits as well. It just always warms my heart 💕

  60. This is such a good pay it forward story! I admire your drive to share and pay it forward instead of returning (which we all know is the best feeling-give me that money back!!! Lol) keep up the motivation ❤️

  61. My bestie surprised me at work when I had just gone back after maternity leave. She brought Chick Fil A lunch, a homemade dessert, a new water cup, and a cute t-shirt. Totally brightened my day! It was 5 years ago, and I remember it in detail <3

  62. Today is my birthday! And I went out with friends last night and my husband and daughter decorated the house, and he cleaned the whole house today! And my sweet daughter drew a picture frame for me.

  63. When I asked the director at my son’s preschool if I could come in and volunteer with them (my son had a hard time transitioning to preschool…so I thought if I were around it might help) she ended up hiring me to sub…which later transitioned to me being hired on full time. Kiddo is a successful kindergartener, and I love my job.

  64. In my family, we have something called “a happy.” A happy is when you get someone a small gift for no reason just because you think they will like it. It can be something as simple as their favorite drink from sonic to a souvenir when someone travels. I have now spread this tradition in to my friends and coworkers. When the season changes, I’ll go to dollar tree and get them a small desktop decoration or some seasonal candy.

  65. Right after we had our first son, we were struggling financially but no one knew it. One Sunday we came home from church to find $200 in an envelope stuck in our door!! Still have no idea who did it!

  66. What a sweet giveaway! I messaged you this week asking for details about the bag so I could put it in my budget to get one for myself…and then when I went to buy it, I put it back because we are doing SO GOOD on our debt free journey that I felt too guilty splurging on something that wasn’t a necessity! Ha! Thanks for all you do to inspire us to achieve a debt free lifestyle!

  67. That’s so cool! I remember one day i lost my wallet and i had to return home on bus becasw there was no ubers in that area. I didn’t have any cash, so a nice women came to me and gave me cash and an umbrella because it might rain later. I was so grateful that i promised myself to do more kind actions in this world.

  68. I would say as a retired teacher it has to be the daily little notes from students and parents over the years. Kids who would take their little school boxes and scrap paper to recess to make me notes to give to me. Parents expressing how thankful they were that I was their child’s teacher. It is a very hard demanding job with lots of hoops to jump through for the state especially in the testing grades that I was in and I am sure that it was these little notes of thankfulness that kept me dedicated and focused as to why I was in the profession. Also for all the years that my mom did so many acts of kindness towards me and my family along with any one else that came into her path. Even though she has been gone almost 10 years I think of her daily and all the peoples lives that she touched with making them a meal, running them to town to do errands and all the old people she went and sat with at their homes and in the hospital. She was truly “Christ like” in all she did.

  69. As a teacher myself, I totally understand your want for that bag! It could hold ALL THE THINGS! I love pay it forward moments. A parent at my school once brought me my favorite drink for no reason at all. It reminded me that even the small things can mean so much!

  70. This is so nice of you to do this! I lost my sister this year and became the guardian of her 5 month old daughter. I have a 3 and 7 year old daughters myself. But my sister went into the hospital and passed away out of town and when we got back after the funeral and everything my church family had my house filled with baby things for my neice. (We brought her home with nothing but a car seat and a diaper bag) They all got together and bought her so much stuff along with bringing us food so I didn’t have to cook. My in laws came and cleaned my house and had everything nice for when we came home and then came and watched the baby and my kids so I could get some sleep. The emotions had taken a toll on me. I just couldn’t have asked for anything more and I am so thankful there is still such good people in the world.

    I love following you! Your so positive and happy!

  71. I love to be able to pay it forward!
    One thing that still stands out to me is a man that approached my husband and me on our honeymoon. He had about $10 in his hand and told us that God wanted him to give that money to us! It was so special and very much appreciated!!

  72. Pay it forward drive thru lines <3
    There’s something really sweet about taking a moment to stop and appreciate, the otherwise rush/hustle and bustle that drivethrus were essentially designed to accommodate,

  73. there’s a bakeshop around the corner from me that has a pay it forward wall. you can go in, look at the board, and see if you fit one of the cards, or you can go in and purchase a card for someone in need. examples include, “one free cookie to a new mom,” and “one cup of a coffee to an immigrant who has moved to the US in the past year,” and “a morning cup of joe to someone who lives in the neighborhood,” etc. I love it when kindness overflows!

  74. This is awesome! A few years back after 2 weeks of classes for an administrator job, a girl handed me $50 to pay it forward saying she felt like I needed it. Low and behold the next weekend my husband and I were going to Gettysburg not realizing the toll was going to be so much…it was $48! So blessed someone decided to pay it forward to me. I like to do little things like pay for the person behind me at dunkin (with my fun $) and we used a gift card for steak n shake for a table of at risk youth having lunch. Thanks for the option to win your pay it forward!

  75. My entire co workers threw me a surprise baby shower (and I started working with them for a few months)! So memorable and definitely grateful.

  76. What a sweet thing for both of you to do! I love reading your blog and following you on Instagram. You make it seem like real people can overcome their debt! You are truly an inspiration!

  77. A few days ago I went to get tea and the girl at the register said I just want you to have this. What?! So super sweet! Believe me this tired sleep deprived mama appreciated it more than she will ever know. Or maybe I just looked that frazzled!😉

  78. A coworker nominated me for a special award at work. His reason with the nomination was so kind and motivated me to be the best version of myself at all times ❤️

  79. I have a friend who will randomly show up when I need it. She doesn’t necessarily know that I need it but somehow she’s always there bringing me treats listening to my issues. Ha! Grateful for good people who make me want to be better.

  80. Love this! Early this year, I was leaving my previous job as an academic advisor, for a position with the state department of Ed. I had a very artistic student who I advised, and on my last day, she brought in a beautifully done colored pencil sketch she had created for me to say thank you for my help as her advisor. It hangs up in my current office still- such a kind gesture to remind me that little acts of kindness go such along way sometimes!

  81. I’m a birth photographer so l spend a lot of time at the hospital. After a particularly long birth, and a cafeteria that has terrible hours, the nurses pitched in to get me food and keep me comfortable! I was eight months pregnant myself so l appreciated it so much!

  82. I love when I see other paying forward because it’s a small gesture that could change someone’s day. I honestly never heard of or even experienced paying it forward until I was moving to Virginia from Pennsylvania and a friend that I formed from work gifted my family and I $500 to help with our move. I have never had anyone gift me a large amount of money out of the kindness of their heart, so every since then I try to gift others who are in need or just pay for someone’s food/ drink order behind me at a fast food place or coffee shop. Bringing joy to someone else brings joy to self!

  83. I received an awesome act of kindness is when I moved to my new home recently. My kitchen was packed and my husband and I had to eat out more than I wanted to. A good friend of mine showed up with dishes and a good homemade meal. It made our day!

  84. When my husband and I were shopping or a suit for our wedding, we stood in line at a Macy’s with one in hand. We weren’t sure about it, so we ended up putting it on hold. We struck up a conversation with a really nice man behind us, who was just overjoyed that these two young people in front of him were getting married. We left the store, made our way through some others, and were headed back through Macy’s empty handed. The store workers then tracked us down and exclaimed, “you came back!! We were so nervous you wouldn’t!” Confused, we followed them to the register to find that the man behind us had purchased the suit we put on hold, FOR US. He just went and bought it! We have never forgotten that kindness. I love this pay it forward mentality.

  85. This is truly an inspirational post! There are still nice people in this world and it warms my heart! A couple weeks ago I took my kids 3 and 1 into Taco Bell for lunch and this older couple was standing in front of us enjoying talking to the kids and after they ordered they turned around and handed us a 20 dollar bill and said order whatever you want. It was so nice I didn’t know what to say and I just gave them a hug. My softie self!

  86. What a great giveaway! I try to Pay It Forward often and it always feels so good. I really enjoy your Instagram page and blog.

  87. After randomly saying how much I would love to have a single serve coffee maker, my sweet husband surprised me with one, bringing it home with a bag of my favorite coffee after a particularly rough week for me. It’s unlike him to do spontaneous gifts, and that gift and remembering his kindness behind it has been a blessing to me ever since!

  88. About a month ago, in the middle of a difficult economic situation, a friend showed up with a full load of groceries for my family.

  89. I love this post so much because sometimes it’s hard to believe that people are still good! That’s such an incredibly kind thing for her to have done.

    I’m USAF stationed in Portugal, working with the Portuguese military and civilians on a joint base. Recently, one of my Portuguese co-workers was hospitalized for 5 days, which I didn’t know about until the US Security Forces flight started dropping flowers off in her office. When she came back to an office full of flowers, she teared up that anyone had noticed and worried about her. It was one of the most kind, selfless acts I’ve seen here.

  90. A cousin of my husbands has been so kind since we had our daughter. When Amelia was first born, she brought over so many meals to be put in the freezer. It was completely unprovoked and not expected at all, but so nice. She lives about an hour away and took time out of her life (mom of 7) to cook us meals so that we could focus on our infant. It was one of the nicest things anyone has done for us!

  91. That was so sweet of one of your followers, and in return sweet of you to pay it forward. We love paying it forward, and we try when we get the chance. Last tear my father in law passed away, during the major flooding due to the hurrricane in Texas. I was a substitute at the time and my friends and now co-workers took up a collection for us to use to travel from Alabama to Texas for the funeral. It was the sweetest, most unexpected gesture.

  92. So a few weeks ago my dad came to visit our family. He brought donuts for my children (sweets and spoiling are his love language.) On the way to work I grabbed a donut, and then grabbed an extra. I slid them into two separate baggies. When I got to work, I noticed our P.E. assistant looked a little down. While my kids were at P.E., I wrote her a little encouraging message on a blank note card (I keep them handy for just-in-case moments.) I took her the donut and notecard and said whatever had happened, she could handle it! Turns out her position had been cut after the 10 day count. 🙁 Anyway, the next morning, I got to work and there was a huge smiling sunshine with arms stretched like a hug written in chalk on the ground outside my classroom. It said smile because you made my day. It was such a simple gesture but it absolutely made my day in return and made me realize that a simple act of kindness can go such a long way.

  93. I had a very rough year two years ago. It was a few weeks before Christmas and I had my eye on some really cute wrapping paper, but I was feeling pretty terrible due to some health issues and couldn’t muster up the motivation to go shopping. My friend’s mom got wind of all of this. She went to the store and bought 3 rolls of the wrapping paper. I know it wasn’t a big thing, but at the time, it meant the world to me.

  94. I was getting coffee at the gas station because the day before my coffee machine unexpectedly broke. And a gentleman opened the door for me to go inside and said Goodmorning and I said Goodmorning back and we both managed to check out at the same time and he bought my coffee! Because my coffee machine breaking was so upsetting to me this kind gesture really touch me! So the next day I bought someone in the drivethru their coffee.

  95. It makes me smile to see there are still kind people out there 🙂 I was in the starbucks drive thru and had the person in front of me pay for my drink. I decided to keep it going and when I went back the next morning the lady working told me that 54 cars paid it forward 😊 How cool is that?!

  96. I love this story it is so great to see others helping people, even if it’s a tote that you’re feeling guilty about! We always try to leave some room in the budget to help people whether that be gas or groceries, if we see someone struggling we try to help them as much as we can!

  97. When I became unexpectedly pregnant with my 3rd we had given away all of our baby things and I had complications that landed me out of work. Literally fearing I’d have to have the baby sleep in a laundry basket, a sweet stranger saw my very raw and emotional post (I had gone on to share my real feelings about being pregnant but as well as my real hopes that this baby has the best life) and she offered to send me the crib. At first I said no, because how could I accept such an extravagant gift but she talked me into it. Told me someone had done something similar for her when she was young and pregnant. It changed my life.

  98. Recently my friend brought my some Mickey Mouse Oreos and left them in my door as a surprise! I love, love, all things Disney and it was so sweet of her!

  99. I took my kids for ice cream one day and the people in front of us were taking a long time to pay. I wondered why they were still standing there as we ordered. I found out they were waiting for our order because they paid for our ice cream.y kids and I thanked them. I was going to pay it forward and pay for the people behind us but no one else was in line.

  100. I love small acts of kindness! They remind me of the kindness and love in the world. My most memorable act of kindness is when someone in front of me at the Dunkin’ drive thru paid for my coffee one morning. When I got to the window, I was so overjoyed and had all the feels because of it that I had to do the same for the person behind me! I’m hoping that the chain reaction helped remind multiple people and not just myself to think of others even when you are in your usual routine like getting an early morning coffee!

  101. I love seeing posts like this – someone showing kindness to a stranger. It’s amazing what it does for people and how contagious it can be. You never know when paying for that cup of coffee for the person in front of you (or for an awesome new Target bag!) will make their day – or even their year.

  102. Yes girl! Such a great giveaway! A great act of kindness I’ve received was from our old neighbors. They were so loving with my daughters and would take them numerous times a week even if they were simply taking them on a walk. I will never forget their generosity.

  103. I recently started a new job, new position and there is one coworker who is always stopping by to make sure I am ok and to see if I have any questions or need help! She’s been a real angel to me these past few weeks, she’s so sweet and kind. I appreciate her so much!

  104. I just had my first baby in july and my sister in law set up a food train to keep us fed during the transition into motherhood. It was wonderful to not have to worry about food at all and enjoy delicious food from all our family and friends.

  105. Thank you so much for sharing! This has inspired me to pay it forward with a few random acts of kindness! Your Instagram has given me so much inspiration and I’m beyond grateful for that!

  106. When my sister was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer right before Christmas a friend paid for my family to spend the night in Chicago (where she lives) to be with her on Christmas. It was an expensive hotel stay but a priceless opportunity to be together!

  107. A sweet woman saw that my daughter was having a tough day and brought her over to buy her a milkshake. It was the sweetest thing ever and completely turned my daughter’s day around.

  108. A fellow maker knew that I loved arrows made by another maker so she bought one for me! I was so touched and think of her every time I look at the arrow! So thoughtful!!

  109. Last year my son was hospitalized 2 seperate times. The second time a stranger whom we met on the surgical floor knew we had a few days left of our hospital stay and went and got us some gift cards for the little cafes and shops within the hospital for us to use. We felt so grateful.

  110. Love how you chose to share your joy!
    When I was 18 and had just moved to the USA from my country I was working a dead end job when a random woman offered to help me get into school so I could finish high school. Fast forward 20 years and not only did I finish high school but I also went to school and received my bachelor degree in nursing. I will forever be grateful for her!

  111. My family and I have had our share of car troubles. We have been a 1 car family to a 2 and then been back to a 1 car family for the last 5 years. Well most recently in August, my husband started a new job in which he commutes to different locations throughout the day. In addition, he starts work before me and sometimes ends work after me. With that being said, our former plan of commuting together no longer worked and we had just paid of both of our cars (baby step 2). We found our selves in dire need of another car, but didn’t have a cash flow account for one nor did we want another car payment. So unknown to us, my mother-in-law was in the market to buy a new car. So one day she called my husband up and told him she had something for him. When he finally came to her house (which took him awhile to do so) she handed over the keys to her paid for car and gave it to us with no strings attached. Truly blessed and forever grateful. I love your pay it forward giveaway idea! I truly plan on to keep that up in my life.

  112. I’m a teacher, and one of my teammates has bought me breakfast twice now for sending her my lesson plans! I’d send them anyway because I’m all about sharing and making less work for others, but she makes sure to thank me every time!

  113. I love kind people! And I like to pay it forward as well. I have been blessed with many kind people. When I had my first daughter, my husband was laid off when she was 6 months & we had just bought a house so I shared my stress with a coworker and next thing you know, she bought a month’s worth of diapers and invited us over for dinner. She really lifted our spirit. Most recently, I left my wallet in the cart at Target with $100 cash & a customer returned it without taking anything. Kind acts are a reminder that good people exist.

  114. After having my son, my mother in law came over and cleaned my whole house while I got to relax and spend time with him and my daughter. It was the best, and since my three sisters have had children and I do the same for them to pass it on.

  115. So fun to read all of the comments! There are so many times that someone has been kind and blessed my and my family. At a point in time I was a single mom and I couldn’t afford to buy my son a toy or anything extra. A sweet elderly woman saw us in the toy section of a store and saw that my young son was playing with a few toys and we left and continued on without getting a toy. The very sweet lady grabbed one of the toys that he was playing with and purchased it and caught us as we were leaving to give him the toy. I know it seems so small but to me it meant everything. The kindness someone I didn’t know could express and the joy it brought my son was immeasurable.

  116. I had a friend who knew I was having a rough week and short in the personal funds category. Next thing I knew I checked my email and she had sent me a $25.00 Starbucks gift card to use to keep our Starbucks date happening! I was so happy and touched.

  117. I would always read on the internet that someone would pay for the next persons coffee and I thought that that would never happen to me. The next morning, it did! Pay it forward 😊

  118. Love this!! Sometimes its the simplest thing that can make such a difference – like letting a person go ahead of you in the line because they have many less items that you!

  119. So I actually paid it forward…Yesterday I mailed out 10 ink cartridges to a fellow teacher from Teacher Facebook group I belong too. They were no longer compatible with my new printer so I posted I’d send them out for free.. I’ve been very blessed by a teacher friend who is always giving me stuff so it was my turn.

  120. My husband is always doing kind things for me, even if it’s just watching the kids so I can go walk around a mall for a few hours to get out of the house, or doing dishes, or holding my hand while we drive somewhere. So thankful for him, and I’m excited to start our debt free journey together!

  121. You’re be sweetest! Anytime I am in line at the store and see someone that doesn’t have enough money, I always help out because I know that anxiety. Sometimes the littlest things help in he biggest ways!

  122. A close family friend knew I was struggling to come up with a down payment for my apt and she sent me the remaining balance without having to ask!

    It was so generous and surprising. I prayed for a miracle to make the down payment and like the angel she is, she made a miracle and a prayer come true!!

  123. A few weeks ago I was going to fax 10 sheets for work. The gentleman who ringed me up was kind to give me a huge discount, almost 95% off! It caught me off guard initially but as I walked away only paying 1.62 it warmed my heart to his kindness. It was not necessary for him to do this, but something prompted him to be generous and gracious. It made my day in the smallest yet big way. 😊🙌🏽

  124. Am old man noticed my small baby & son at the farmers market and gave us $5 to “buy something nice for the kids.” So sweet! I tried to give him something in return but he wouldn’t take it.

  125. When I was on bed rest for my son in the hospital for 6 weeks. Many people came out of the word work to send me things to pass the time. One person Iin particular went out of the way to find a couple movies she knew I loved and didn’t own and sent them to me! That was so thoughtful and I will never forget it.

  126. This past Friday a coworker called and was just so generous with advice and compassion and helped me to reframe my outlook on my job.

  127. Awe this is amazing!! Today my best friends dad who
    Always paid for us when we went out to eat I tried to pay and he wouldn’t let me.

  128. Paying it forward is such an easy, yet not done enough thing to do. I’m a nurse, and at work thankfully I work with a team that is constantly helping each other out. There is no “I’m not helping them because they’re not my patient”. Working with a team that is constantly paying it forward for their coworkers makes such a big difference in doing the job.

  129. My husband,almost 2 year old, and my 8 month pregnant self moved to a house with stairs that had no railing and we did not have the money to get one. A friend paid for and installed one for us, free of charge. Saved us $1000 and kept my son and daughter safe!!! I will be forever grateful for that and will pay it forward one day.

  130. One day at work one of my parents of a new student complained because I was trying to help her with her child. The child was giving his mom a hard time and I thought that my encouraging him to wash his hands and come eat breakfast that would help, however the mom felt like I was not letting her be a parent, because he listened, he washed his hands and joined us, she did not like that. I felt discouraged because I was told not to step in, let her have her moments with him and let them work it out. The next day another student brought me a picture they had made of torn pieces of paper saying I love you to pieces. That made me feel so much love, because I was discouraged from the other incident.

  131. So sweet… my favorite denim shirt got a huge RIP in it and not repairable type of rip. Came home a few days later to a surprise bag on my doorstep from a friend who bought me a replacement one just because that was almost identical to mine!

  132. When my husband and I were first married, we didn’t immediately go on a honeymoon. We wanted to get settled before we traveled. Completely unexpectedly, an older couple, who was friends of my husband, gave us a gift card for a weeklong stay at a super nice cabin in the mountains. It was so unbelievably kind.

  133. That’s so sweet and thoughtful! ❤️ I was at Dollar Tree last year scraping together small easter baskets for my four girls (my husband had been out of work and times were even tougher than usual) and the gentleman in front of me paid for my entire haul . I immediately started crying as he was truly an angel sent from above. Ever since, I always try to do small acts of kindness whenever possible. You just never know when what seems small to you can mean the world to someone else.

  134. Recently I was invited to a “teacher party”. The invite asked to bring $5 worth of teacher supplies and the supplies would all go to 2 teachers to help with their classrooms. I was excited to go to a social event and to help out my fellow teachers. After we arrived, snacked, and chatted, we got to phase “b” of the party. During phase B I learned that all of the supplies that were there (which were a TON) were being given to me and 2 other teachers in attendance. It was SO kind and amazing to see that others think about our career and took out this much time and $ out of their wallet for us.

  135. I’ve had my order at Chick-fil-A paid for by the person in front of me, I then of course paid for the person’s behind me! I always pay for a police officer’s order if they’re anywhere in line behind me as well.

  136. Simple acts of kindness like my educational assistant in my classroom bringing me a coffee to work after a stressful day teaching, or just the recognition of something well done put a smile on my face!
    Recently, our community had a large fire which affected a vouple of my students. After making an amazon wishlist to teplace specialized equipemnt/ toys they may like, a fellow teacher (who’ve I’ve never met in person) donated to my students.

  137. How thoughtful! When a close relative passed away earlier this year, I came to work the morning of my flight to the funeral to find my coworkers had left kind notes and treats for my long flight on my desk. I thought it was the sweetest thing and meant a lot to me to know I was in their thoughts.

  138. I love all of these stories! The most recent pay it forward that happened to me, was someone paying for my meal at a restaurant!

  139. Someone once paid for my food ahead of me in a fast food drive through. They had not idea I was having a rough day.

  140. I’ve had my coffee paid for multiple times. Not only do I always pay it forward, I try to pay for people’s coffee whenever I can!

  141. When I was a young mom in my 20s and my husband was deployed, I didn’t have a lot of money. My kids used to watch other kids ride their bikes and my neighbors at the time noticed. One day, not long before Christmas, they came to me and told me that they wanted to be a blessing in my life and gifted my 2 boys with brand new bikes. I will never forget it and have been intentional on giving back when possible ever since.

  142. Once i had someone pay for my coffee it was very needed as i was having a rough mommy morning. That small act lifted my spirits so much!!

  143. When I was off work for 2 months due to cancer my entire office pitched in money and gifted me a bunch of gift cards for meals and extra cash for my family and I. It was so awesome to see people to come together for one person. We paid it forward when a guy at my husband’s office was ill and had to be out of work.

  144. One time someone offered to watch my dogs for free while we were going on a vacation. It was such a pleasant surprise and helped us save a little bit of money. Plus, we knew our dogs were in good hands.

  145. What an awesome idea! Love pay it forward with random acts of kindness. I’ve seen so much of that in the last week after hurricane Florence pounded my North Carolina coast! Kindness does still exist!

  146. I have had people pay for my coffee in the drive thru line, which at the time didn’t seem like much. Now I look back and realize they didn’t have to do that but they did.

  147. My family went out to dinner & when we went to pay someone else had paid for our meal. I was shocked & started crying when the server brought a note out. That had never happened to me before & we rarely ate out because our money was that tight. I try to pay that forward all the time. It really lifted my spirits that night.

  148. This is so awesome!!
    I was in an airport once in line at the Starbucks there. After I ordered, the gentleman behind me swooped in and paid for my order. It was so nice!! I paid for the person behind me right after that. There are still good people in the world!! 🙂

  149. You know just the other day someone had given me some amazingly kind words about how I am at my job. The thing they didn’t know was I was having a horrible day and just did not feel good about myself at all. Sometimes passing on even the smaller gift, words, can really make a difference in someone’s day or even life!

  150. When my cat was very ill and we had to put her down, my family and I didn’t have the money to pay for it. The vet’s office was very kind and was willing to make a payment plan with us. My work family found out about our hardship and did a collection which helped us pay off the entire vet bill.

  151. Just the other day I was inside a store I used to work at and there was another gentleman in there making a purchase. He had two items on the counter and I explained to him that he could save some money by just buying one different product that had both of the same ingredients in it as the two products he had already picked up. He was so thankful for my help he slipped some money in my hand before he left. Little did he know I was intending on buying my lunch that day and was on a very tight budget. His kindness allowed me to enjoy myself a little more that day!

  152. This is awesome!! I am a financial-free spirit and have had my fair share of target slip-ups.

    Last year, my husband had just graduated law school, and we maxed out two credit cards in order to move 7 hours away for his new job. Between the cc and the student loans, our financial situation finally hit us hard enough and we made our first budget. Living far away, it was no longer possible to see our family & friends for free, and we began having to make real sacrifices when it came to what big events we were going to attend. After having to miss the wedding of a childhood friend simply because it wasn’t financially feasible, and literally crying on her wedding day, my best friend bought my plane ticket so that I could attend the bachelorette party of another childhood friend. It felt weird to accept such an expensive gift, but it meant so much to me to have the time with my friends, and I am forever grateful to her for it.

  153. I’ll buy elderly people their meals at restaurants. Especially if they are alone. That breaks my heart to see them all alone. They may love to go out and eat by themselves, but I have a feeling their loved one’s no longer with them😢.

  154. My friend has a baby about a month older than mine and hands me down CUTE clothes. Just such a blessing! Also, when I entered this giveaway I accidentally put my Pinterest name incorrectly but couldn’t fix it. It’s Mel Murphy fyi!

  155. I love paying it forward. More times than I can count in the line at Starbucks someone has paid for my drink and I in turn pay for the person behind me. It’s a small act that makes someone’s day!

  156. I am currently at the end of my maternity leave and getting ready to get back in the classroom. My dearest coworker and friend made all of my copies (our copier has been on the fritz lately) so I would have one less thing to worry about!

  157. Yesterday my husband helped me so much with my baby and I had time to clean and prepare myself for this week. So kind! Also in my church I was about to start doing sound check and one of my friend took care of my son while I was doing sound check without asking her! That was awesome!

  158. I love pay it forwards and acts of kindness!
    This summer, my son was born 8 weeks early and we spent almost 5 weeks in the NICU and away from home. We received so many gifts, cards, messages and prayers from family, friends and people we don’t even know! It is now my mission to pay it forward as often as I can.

  159. A blogger I was working with last year randomly put together a basket of goodies and treats and gave it to me and it was such a wonderful surprise!!!!

  160. This is very sweet of both of you! I love your recent post about how to save money at Target-it was so inspiring! I have always had major problems with spending too much money and we’ve been trying to cut back recently. I haven’t been to Target or bought any clothes all month! Yay! Thank you for the inspiration!

  161. My husband and I just had twin boys 2 months ago, and as you can imagine, we have been pinching pennies to buy everything we need! Well, last week our washer and dryer went out! Ah! Thankfully we had the money in our savings account, but I still hated to see it disappear. Two days later, a family member generously wrote us a check to cover the entire cost of the washer and dryer! Such a blessing to us, and inspires me to pay it forward!

  162. I had a tough few months at the beginning of this year and my friends really stepped up and showed their love for me. Bringing me food and all of the calls and texts meant so much to me!

  163. Very sweet gesture. Our neighbor loves to cut his grass, I mean A LOT! He was sick and in the hospital for a long season one year, so I mowed his yard because I knew he would be happy. This was 7 years ago….he has cut our side yard ever since…how sweet is that!?!

  164. This is the sweetest giveaway! A few weeks ago my family and I were relocated to another state after just buying our very first home. It was very emotional and hard to deal with on top of having a 15 month old. One day my sister came over in the midst of things just to do my dishes and take out the trash. It was the nicest thing anyone has done for us!!

  165. I had made a layaway at Walmart for my 4 boys. My husband had gotten laid off so right on the day I had to take the layaway out I went in and asked the cashier to remove some items. A lady with 4 small children was standing to the side of me and asked, why I was canceling. I responded that the items were no longer needed and she insisted on paying for the layaway. I kept saying no it’s ok and she said please Don’t take this blessing away from me, every year my family picks another family to bless so my children grow up wanting to bless others. She paid…. she had no idea the night before I had struggled with my faith due to some bills getting behind due to the lay off and my children would not be having a Christmas after prayer I felt an immense peace! He blessed us with the material things for the children and all of our NEEDS in so many different ways…. thanks for doing this!!! Beautiful bag!

  166. Love this idea! For my last birthday, someone shocked me with an unexpected and very expensive birthday gift of a pair of Teiks. I didn’t even realize they were mine. I thought she was just letting me open hers as her birthday is close to mine to see how they were packaged. I was crying and shaking once she made me understand they were mine. I was truly humbled and floored.

  167. I love seeing Pay it Forward stories.
    When I was 13 I desperately wanted a guitar. One night a couple from our church showed up to our house with a brand new guitar signed by some of my favorite bands. I will never forget it! I always try to do something to pay it forward every day. Even if it’s something small.

  168. A coworker worker and I were going on a business trip. She had to cancel. She sent me a check to use on my trip, since she could no longer attend the conference.

  169. At a time in our lives when financially we were really low, we never made it known to people that we were struggling. One day after church a random letter in an envelope was left for us. The woman who handed us the letter said it was given to her to pass on to us, but she wouldn’t say who. When me and my wife got into the car and we opened it there in front of us was the exact amount of our electricity bill. We were struggling, and newly married and couldn’t make all our bills. We couldn’t figure out how we were going to make it and our electricity bill was left hanging in the balance of will it be paid or not. So for us someone out there was kind enough to give us that letter and that amount at just the right time when we needed it. We still don’t know who it was but it was the kindest thing that ever happened to us.

  170. As a broke, homeless high school student my high school counselor personally paid for my college application fee. I now have 3 bachelors degrees and a master. Wouldn’t have been here with her.

  171. I was having a crazy hectic day with my baby boy and needed to run to grocery store to get water. I could not for the life of me buckle my ergo carrier in the back. Some sweet man asked if I needed help and he buckled my back strap. During that overwhelming day and moment, this simple act of kindness was just amazing!

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