Hello and welcome to Inspired Budget!  My name is Allison and I’m the girl behind the words and advice over on this little piece of the internet.

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A Little About Me

Before I help you get started, I thought I’d introduce myself!  I’m a wife, mom, and teacher.  My journey with budgeting began in 2011. This was the year that my husband and I found ourselves newly married, loaded down with over $111,000 worth of debt, and expecting our first energetic boy.  We were overwhelmed and undereducated on how to set our family up for success financially.  Through years of sacrifice and learning how to live on less than we made, we paid off all our student loans and car loans!

During this process of personal and financial growth, I grew to love budgeting.  The thought of being in control of my money was freeing.  I started Inspired Budget because I want others to have that same sense of control over their finances.  I don’t expect everyone to fall in love with budgeting like I did, but I do hope to equip my readers with tips and tools to help them face their financial fears.  My hope is for you to be in control of your money and your future!

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The more I started interacting with my readers, the more I learned what they needed to help them be successful with money.  I had questions coming every day and I knew that I needed a place to answer those questions.  That’s when I put my FREE Budgeting Basics Email Course together.  It’s a 6 day email course that will teach you in depth strategies to write a budget that will work for you, save more money, and begin paying off debt.  Fill out the form below to sign up!  Need more information on the course?  Click HERE to read all about it!

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Budget Life Planner

The Budget Life Planner is the perfect digital download you need to get your finances and life in order! This monthly actionable planner will help you stay organized with your finances and time! The Budget Life Planner will allow you to free up time for what’s most important...your family & friends! 

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