How Our Family Is Saving Thousands Each Year Using Medi-Share

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This past year I joined Medi-Share, a community where people share each other’s medical expenses. My journey that led to Medi-Share didn’t start during an open enrollment period. It didn’t start with an email from Human Resources. It didn’t even start with my transition to self-employment. 

Nope. My journey with Medi-Share started several years ago when I found myself in the hardest and most terrifying moments I’ve ever had as a parent.

Our Story

Two years ago I carried my three-year-old son into the emergency room. He had been vomiting for days and wasn’t improving. His heart was racing and I thought he was dehydrated and simply needed fluids. 

When I walked through the doors at 11:30 that night, every part of me thought we’d be walking back out. I pictured us walking hand in hand to the car. I figured we’d head back home and he would sleep next to me in bed. We’d wake the next morning and he’d feel better. All would be well again. 

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned.

Within hours of arriving, James’ pain worsened. We were loaded onto an ambulance and headed to a Children’s hospital 40 miles away. Doctors were waiting for us where a CT scan confirmed that James’ appendix had ruptured.

How We Are Saving Money With Medi-Share

James’ entire abdomen was infected and filled with bacteria. His intestines shut down, he was running a fever, and vomiting. After the doctor saw his scans, he was rushed into emergency surgery. 

You know those scary moments on tv dramas where they load the patient onto the gurney and swiftly move them through the halls? The ones where they say “We can’t wait. This child needs surgery NOW.” 

That was us. 

I found myself in a tv drama. But this time, it was my son. My boy. And it didn’t wrap up nicely after 60 minutes and 5 commercial breaks.

How We Are Saving Money With Medi-Share

My husband and I waited. Pacing the room. Counting down the minutes. Checking the hallway for anyone that would give us an update.

Eventually, James’ surgeon walked down the hall and sat down next to us. I remember thinking how odd it was that he was sitting. 

Why would he be sitting in the waiting room with us? 

Was he about to deliver news that required we not stand? 

Why was his face so concerned? 

Why didn’t he look hopeful?!

The doctor told us that James’ ruptured appendix was not an easy case. Because he was so small, the infected fluid filled his entire belly. He tried to wash out all the infection, but James was still very sick. 

Not only had James’ intestines completely shut down due to the infection, but his surgeon was concerned that the infection had seeped into his bloodstream.

We were granted a long stay in the children’s wing. Our surgeon estimated that we’d be there for weeks. At a minimum, we’d stay 2 weeks, but it could take up to 4-6 weeks for James to fully heal.

How We Are Saving Money With Medi-Share

My husband and I spent the night in the ICU with our sweet boy. Squeezed into chairs that aren’t meant for a good night’s sleep and machines beeping every few seconds.

During that long night, I realized just how terrified I was. Not just for his recovery, but for what this meant for our family financially. How on earth could we afford such a long hospital stay? What would happen if we couldn’t pay? Would our savings cover everything? The fear of how we’d handle bills from multiple hospitals added to my stress. 

We are so thankful that James made a full recovery. He was discharged from the hospital weeks sooner than his surgeon had anticipated. I have no doubt that God answered prayers and healed our sweet boy.

Once we were back home with a healthy boy, the hospital bills began to flood our mailbox. It seemed like every day we were sent another bill.

I’ll never forget sitting across that table from my husband. The stack of bills sat between us. I couldn’t help but think out loud “I wonder how this would be different if we had signed up for Medi-Share.”

You see, we were just two teachers with terrible insurance. Our deductible was outrageously high and our monthly payments were still costing us a fortune. The past two years we had considered switching to Medi-Share. Matt had spent time researching Medi-Share, but we never signed up.

Instead, we let fear drive our decisions. Neither my husband nor I had met anyone who was on Medi-Share. We read countless reviews online, but we let fear keep us from making the leap to switch over.

And where did that leave us? With thousands upon thousands of hospital bills. Thankfully, we had money in savings to help cover the costs. But the cost of two hospital visits, one ambulance ride, one surgery, and countless prescription meds had completely drained our savings.

Medi-Share Is Saving Us Thousands

Fast forward two years. I was able to leave teaching and work on my business full time. Once again we were faced with the question of what to do for insurance. If I were to join my husband on his insurance, it would have cost us an extra $700+ each month for me alone!

I was shocked at what we would be paying out of pocket. Not to mention that the deductible was still ridiculously high. I knew I didn’t want to go back to a traditional job just so I could have access to sub-par insurance.

We knew this was the perfect time for me to take the leap and sign up for Medi-Share. By switching to Medi-Share our family is saving over $6,000 in one year. Go back and reread that last sentence. SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. 

Want to know what we’re doing with those savings? We are taking our kids on a surprise trip to Disney World this summer. Yep, we are able to cash flow this trip because we are saving money by signing up for Medi-Share. And let me tell you…I don’t regret it one bit!

Allison Baggerly and Family

How Medi-Share Works

I know what you might be thinking right now. Okay, so Medi-Share can save me money. But how on earth does it work? Don’t worry…I’ve asked that exact question before!

Medi-Share is technically not insurance. Instead, it’s a Christian healthcare sharing program where members agree to help pay for each other’s medical bills. Not only does this allow everyone to save money, but it gives others the opportunity to help out REAL people.

Members have the ability to choose their Annual Household Portion (similar to a traditional deductible). This is the amount that members would have to pay out of pocket before their bills are eligible for sharing. 

Your Standard Monthly Share depends on the Annual Household Portion that you chose. This is the amount you’ll pay monthly to Medi-Share. Essentially, part of your monthly payment will help other people pay their medical bills.

Medi-Share’s Community

One of the most incredible things about Medi-Share is that you aren’t sending your monthly share contributions to a large company. Instead, you are literally helping real people pay their bills. 

This allows members to support one another in this incredible community. And one day, you might receive the same support from other members.

Is Medi-Share For You?

You’ll have to do the research and take time to truly determine if Medi-Share is right for you and your family. But I can tell you one thing…I wish we had Medi-Share the night that James went into the hospital.

There were times when I was not only worried about him but also worried about how we would pay for the ambulance ride that was out of network. Just knowing that we’d have support with our bills and even more prayers would have helped me be more present with my son.

How To Sign Up For Medi-Share

You can find more information about Medi-Share here. And feel free to personally send me any questions you have my way!

How We Are Saving Thousands Each Year With Medi-Share