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As a mom, I absolutely love mother’s day.  And to be completely honest, the best part of the day for me is not about the monetary gifts that I might receive.  Is it nice when my husband picks out a necklace for me? Yes, because it was incredibly thoughtful and I know he enjoys picking out a gift for me.  But there is something about a handmade gift or act of service that goes a long way as well. That’s why I compiled a list of free (or rather inexpensive) Mother’s Day gift ideas!  This list is compiled of both free and inexpensive options that will fit any budget. Just remember that Mother’s Day is about making that mom in your life feel special and loved!

1. Make her a video.

Gather pictures of your mom in her environment and make a movie set to music.  With just the right song you are sure to pull at her heartstrings! This is 100% FREE and the cost is only your time.  She will love seeing pictures of the most important thing: family!

2. List out reasons why you appreciate her.

Sometimes us moms can forget how much we are appreciated when we are in the day to day trenches of life.  I mean, driving kids from place to place and folding laundry seems small and menial from day to day. But let her know just how much everything she does means to you!  Try to be as specific as possible about why you appreciate her and what makes her stand out above the rest! And here’s the best thing: this won’t cost you a dime!

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3. Clean the house for her.

I’ll never forget when one year my husband told me to lay on the sofa all day and he would clean the house for me.  He cleaned it all. It was glorious. Absolutely glorious. No gift could have outdone that one right there. I’m pretty sure I binged on some Netflix shows and got in a good nap.  Seriously, please consider cleaning the house for her for Mother’s Day.

4. Buy her a caffeine molecule necklace.

I can’t be the only mom out there that survives on caffeine every day.  I received this unique necklace from a student last year (so I’m kind of like their school mom!) and I love wearing it!  It’s less than $20 and a pretty gold color. I get compliments on it ALL the time and it’s a great option for a mom who loves coffee and jewelry.  The best part is that it’s uncommon and not all the other moms will have one!

5. Get her flowers.

You don’t have to head to the floral store to present mom with a nice bouquet of flowers!  Even flowers from the garden would be a nice surprise to say “thanks for being the best.” You could also trim some branches and stick them in a vase for some added greenery.


6. Paint her a kind word.

Take a moment to think of one word that describes your mom.  What sums her up the best? Is her word genuine or beautiful?  Maybe it’s nurturing, compassionate, or selfless. After you have chosen that one word, grab a piece of paper, a small canvas, or a scrap piece of wood and paint that word for her.  To make the gift even more meaningful, write her a letter about why that word describes her. I can guarantee that she will keep this gift forever.

7. Get her a letter board.

If the mom in your life doesn’t have a letter board yet, then it’s time to provide her one!  They are a fun and easy way to display something happy, witty, or inspirational around the house.  You can even give it to her with it reading Happy Mother’s Day! Letterboards don’t have to cost a fortune!  Here’s one that is on sale!!

8. Give her a cookbook.

I love a good cookbook, especially when it gives me easy recipes that don’t take forever to cook!  I’ve rounded up 3 of my favorite cookbooks that are perfect for busy moms!

Skinnytaste Fast and Slow is one of my favorites!  She has quick and healthy recipes that are perfect for busy nights or the slow cooker.

One Pot Cookbook is great for busy moms who don’t want a lot to clean up! These meals are simple and delicious!

The Pioneer Woman Cooks has recipes that are meant for busy weeknights and families on the go!  Everyone knows that Ree Drummond’s recipes are absolutely delicious.  You don’t have to pick up dinner to eat well on a weeknight!

Ultimately, remember that on this Mother’s Day, your mom wants to feel loved and cherished.  If you can show her that, then she will remember this day for years to come!

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