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If you want to succeed financially in life, then I highly recommend you finally pay off that annoying student loan or car payment.  Besides, how are you supposed to be financially independent when you owe someone money?  

I’m sad to say that for several years after I graduated college I really didn’t know how much debt I had.  I knew what my monthly payments were on my student loans. I also knew that I would be paying them back for what felt like forever.  But I had never totaled them up.  Why?  I think that I didn’t want to face my truth.  It would have been too hard.  How would I be able to justify going out to brunch and dinner every weekend when I had tens of thousands of dollars looming over my head?  I decided to just pretend my debt wasn’t there.  

Once my husband and I totaled up our combined debt, it was more than I could have imagined.  Between what he and I both brought into our marriage, I was overwhelmed and undermotivated.  I wanted to quit again.  I wanted to continue ordering my white chocolate mochas and indulging in brunch on Saturdays.  I felt like my debt was a mountain and that I was standing at the bottom without one clue as to how I would ever get to the top.

After throwing a pity party for a few days, I decided that I needed some motivation.  I wanted a visual reminder of where I started and where I would end up.  I quickly made a large debt thermometer on a piece of construction paper and hung it up in our closet.  I would color it in every few months to track our progress.  Between one of our moves, my flimsy poster ripped and I decided that I would create a more permanent motivation tool.  I laminated our page then colored over it with a red sharpie.

On days when I wanted to throw in the towel and go buy myself an entirely new wardrobe (Hello! A girl’s gotta keep up with fashion), I would force myself to go look at our debt thermometer to see how far we had come.  This also served as a reminder of our goals and I realized that we would eventually get there (even if it felt like it would never happen).

If you have ever felt defeated when it comes to paying off debt, then you can benefit from tracking your payments.  Simply sign up below and a FREE debt thermometer will be emailed straight to you!  All you have to do is print, color in, and watch your thermometer grow as your payments decrease!  Good luck and remember that you CAN live without a new wardrobe in this season of your life.