31 Free Budget and Money Printables You Need Today

If you want to learn how to budget without spending money on apps you might not even use, then check out these free budget printables.

These 30+ free budget and money printables will help you get started on your journey to financial freedom right!

Visuals help you achieve your goals faster. They help you stop and think about your current financial situation and where you want to be in the future. Not to mention, they can motivate you when you feel like giving up on your budgeting and financial journey.

So what are we waiting for? Check out these absolutely free budget printables below. 

Budgeting Basics Email Course (With 14 Free Printables)

This free budgeting course will help you get your money on track once and for all. It’s helped thousands end the paycheck to paycheck cycle. 

You will get a short and simple lesson sent straight to your email each day for 6 days. The emails are tailored to help you create a realistic budget. 

After taking the steps in this free course, you will…

  • have a realistic budget you can actually stick to.
  • learn to curb your impulse spending. 
  • have a plan to pay off your debt. 
budget course Inspired Budget

Money Goals Tracker

This money goals tracker will help you track 3 money goals for the month. You’ll be able to mark them off each day to see how you’re doing.

Feel free to pick a reward when you hit your goals at the end of the month! Learn how I personally use this tracker here.

money goals tracker on desk

Free Cash Envelopes Guide (Includes free cash envelopes)

This free cash envelopes guide will walk you through how to make cash envelopes work for your family (even with a reluctant spouse). Psychological studies have proven that using cash makes you spend less. 

When you physically hand over cash to the cashier or server and see your money leave your hand, you actually feel it. You’re emotionally connected to the fact that you are spending money.

When you hand over a credit card or debit card, you don’t tend to have the same emotional reaction, so you might spend more.

Using cash envelopes is a quick way to improve your budget and curb impulse spending. 

cash envelope guide on desk

$10,000 Savings Tracker

Want to save $10,000? This super cute free printable will help you reach your goal fast! Keep this printable posted in an area where you’ll see it everyday like your kitchen or even tape it onto your bathroom mirror.

savings tracker printable on desk

20 Real Ways to Stick to your Budget

Desperate to stick to your budget for good? These 20 actionable tips will help you hack your way into actually sticking to your budget.

Most people think creating the budget is the hardest step (and while it’s very important), it’s not actually the hardest part. 

The hardest part is sticking to your budget. Learning to stick to your budget will help you win with money and hit all of your money goals.

Emergency Budget Printable

The last thing you need in an emergency situation to worry about is money. 

If something suddenly happens to you (like a job loss or a pandemic), you might need to create an emergency budget. 

Creating an emergency budget will help give you the peace of mind that you need when you’re in unforeseen circumstances. This super-quick guide will help you create a budget to make sure you keep the lights on and food on the table. 

free emergency budget printable

Medical Expenses Checklist

This medical expense checklist will help save you a ton of money on your medical bills plus give you tips to keep it organized too.

You will also get a free medical expenses tracker to keep track of your medical expenses throughout the year. This one really comes in handy at tax time. 

medical expense checklist printable

Monthly Meal Planner Printable

This free monthly meal printable will help take the overwhelm out of dinner. You’ll be able to plan all of your meals for the month in 30 minutes or less for the whole month. 

No more spending 30 minutes a day wondering what you’ll cook for dinner. This printable will help you organize your mealtime and save money on groceries too!

Read how I plan my meals using this free calendar.

free meal planning calendar on desk

Past Due Bills Plan

Are you late on your bills and wondering how you’ll be able to get ahead? This past due bills plan will help you organize all of your past due bills and create a realistic plan to bring them current. 

Past due bills are really overwhelming and cause a lot of stress. Getting your bills current will give you an amazing peace of mind!

past due bills budget plan

Christmas Budget & Christmas Cash Envelope

This super cute Christmas budget printable and free cash envelopes is perfect for anyone who wants a stress-free holiday. 

Christmas causes people to overspend like crazy and then dread January when the credit card bill pops up. You don’t have to have a Christmas filled with debt. You can have an amazing debt-free Christmas

free christmas budget printables

Sinking Fund Tracker

This super cute sinking fund tracker is one of the most important free budget printables and will help you keep track of your sinking funds quickly and easily. 

You’ll be able to determine which sinking funds you want to have and how much you need to save each month. 

Sinking funds are one of my secrets to remaining debt free. They help you plan for larger expenses that you won’t be able to float in your monthly budget at one time. 

This printable is available for free inside of my resource library. Just sign up for the budget course and you’ll get access to the library for free!

free sinking funds tracker

6 Money Saving Charts

These 6 money-saving charts will help you save money and stay out of debt. They’re available for free inside of my free resource library. Just sign up for the budget course and I’ll send you details on how to get them. 

The 6 money savings charts include: 

Debt Payoff Thermometer

This debt payoff thermometer will help you visually see how much debt you have left to pay off and motivate you to keep going (even when you feel like giving up). 

House Fund

This house fund printable can be used to save up for anything related to your house. You can save to pay for a huge repair, an update, a down payment, or payoff the rest of the mortgage. The possibilities are endless!

Student Loan Payoff

Student loans can be a huge burden after you graduate college. This super cute student loan payoff printable will help you keep track of how much is left and keep you motivated to just keep going. 

Vacation Fund

This vacation fund printable will help you save up for the perfect vacation for you that’s in your budget. 

No more having fun on vacation and then dreading the credit card bill afterwards. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to take your first debt-free vacation. 

Car Fund

This car fund printable is very versatile to fit any money goal you have with your car. You can pay off your car, cash flow repairs, save for a down payment on a new car, pay for a new car in full, save for your car tag and registration, and more! 

The possibilities are endless!

$10,000 Savings Tracker

Saving $10,000 can be a lot of work. This super cute printable will help you save it faster and be able to track your progress along the way!

free savings tracker printables

I believe you can end your struggle with money. No matter your past money story or your previous relationship with money, you CAN win with money. And getting yourself organized and on a budget is the first step along the way.

If you’re ready to take back control of your finances, then be sure to sign up for my free Budgeting Basics Email Course. This 6 day course is perfect for any budgeting beginner or the person that got off track and needs the motivation to start over.

I will be in your inbox each day giving you a small bite-sized task to help you win with money (plus you’ll get access to all these free budget printables).

After taking this free course, you’ll be able to 

  • Have a realistic budget that you’ll actually be able to stick to
  • Have a plan to curb your impulse spending
  • Learn to set and reach all of your money goals

Sign-up for your free spot below. I’ll see you in your inbox. 🙂