father's day gift guide by inspiredbudget.com

Father’s Day is just around the corner and let’s be honest.  Dads deserve so much of our love and appreciation!  If you’re on a budget (or just want to spend less) then you’re in luck! I’ve rounded up 14 free or rather inexpensive Father’s Day gift ideas.  Choose something that will make him feel special and loved on his day.  And don’t forget to get the kids involved in creating or giving the gift!

Cook his favorite meal.

Who doesn’t feel special when they are served their favorite meal by a loved one?  This gift will cost you very little (just the cost of ingredients!) but is an act of service for sure.  Plan a delicious lunch or dinner for the special dad in your life.  To make it even more memorable, type up or handwrite a menu.  You could even have the kids write this out for their dad!

Make a candy basket.

Pick all of his favorite sweets or treats and put them in a basket with a kind note.  It will provide him with the opportunity to snack on his favorite indulgences.  If your kids are lucky, maybe he will even share!

Create a photo collage.

You can create a cute (and very inexpensive) photo collage at your local Wal-Mart, CVS, or Walgreens.  The perfect thing about this gift is that you don’t have to wait for something to be shipping!  Just log in online and the picture is usually ready to print within an hour!  Pop it in a frame or add a magnetic strip to the back so it can stay on the fridge.  Just make sure that dad is in all the photos!

Set him up to BBQ.

There is not one father in my family who doesn’t like to go outside and cook a meal on the grill.  My husband enjoys it, my dad enjoys it, and my grandaddy does as well!  You cannot go wrong with a nice grill set.  BONUS: this one is under $20!!  Add a cute note that reads “You’re the BBQ-COOLEST.”  

Have a picnic.

Pack up a picnic basket with a simple meal and take Dad out to his favorite outdoor spot.  Maybe that means you go hiking in a state park, head to the lake, or just find a nice park in town.  Enjoy time together and let him spend time with his kids.  You can’t beat a relaxing day like that!

Make a handprint canvas.

If your kids are still little, make their dad (or grandpa!) an easy handprint canvas. A simple handprint with the words “To the best dad in the world” above it will bring a smile to his face.  I made one of these when my kids were still young and it hangs in our bedroom to this day.

Get him a Dad shirt.

This shirt has 4.5 stars and over 1,400 reviews on Amazon!  I love it because it’s simple and comfortable.  Have your children give it to him and he will wear it with pride!

Tell him why you love him.

If the dad in your life loves to hear just why he is special, then take time to tell him!  Either write him a kind letter, have the kids write a poem, or just list out why the dad in your life is special.  The kids can draw a picture or you can even frame the reasons why they love their dad.  This would make such a sentimental gift that could be kept for generations (plus it’s 100% free)!

Make his favorite dessert.

Find out his favorite dessert and take time to make it for him!  Even better, get the kids involved!  They can help at any age and can even serve their dad.  For a man who serves his family every day, he will love being served with his favorite sweet treat.

dessert by inspiredbudget.com

Get his favorite beer.

Head to the grocery store and pick out six of his favorite beers.  Most grocery stores have an option where you can choose 6 different bottles of craft beer for $10-$15.  Put them in this cute box for an extra added touch.  Don’t want to shell out the $16 for the greeting box?  Get one the one at the store and have your kids decorate it!  You can cover it with construction paper and let them draw all over it.

Make him breakfast in bed.

There’s a reason why the classics always stick around!  You cannot go wrong with a classic like breakfast in bed!  Let that dad sleep in a little and get the kids to help make him a delicious breakfast.  Serve it in bed with the tv remote or just a good book.  I did this every year growing up and it makes a great tradition to start!

Get him movie tickets.

Get him movie tickets to a new movie to celebrate Father’s day!  Run by the grocery store and pack inexpensive snacks and drinks in your bag so you don’t spend a fortune at the theater.  Just make sure you let him choose the movie!

Wash his car.

Everyone loves a nice, clean car.  Have the kids help wash his car inside and out!  As an added bonus, run by the grocery store and get a car air freshener to help make his car smell amazing!

Get him a bbq apron.

Seriously, what dad wouldn’t love this funny apron?  He can wear it while he grills or cooks dinner.  I know my husband (and dad) would love this!