Frugal Tips

  • The Benefits Of Owning A Smaller Home

    benefits of owning a smaller home by

    When my husband and I were buying our first house, I thought that the bigger the house, the better the house!  We didn’t have a ton of money, so we bought a smaller home in our neighborhood, but that didn’t keep me from longing after floor plans of homes that were 2,500+ square feet.  I […]

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  • 6 Ways To Recover When You Overspend

    Have you spent too much money recently? Maybe you bought one big purchase or several small ones. When I overspend, the guilt sets in and it can be difficult to bounce back financially. Sometimes I have gone as far as spending even more money because I had a “why bother” attitude. Thankfully, there are ways […]

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  • Our Top 3 Money Mistakes

    money mistakes by

    It’s about to get personal up in here.  You see, no one is perfect, especially me!  In fact, I’ve made more mistakes in my life than I care to admit.  The other day I was talking to my husband and we started discussing our worst financial mistakes.  Thankfully, we made most of our mistakes before […]

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  • 24 Frugal Tips To Save More Money

    24 frugal tips to save more money by

    The thought of saving money or cutting back can be overwhelming. Trust me, I get it. But thankfully, I’ve learned over time that it’s not that hard to save money! Below are 24 frugal tips to save more money. You’ll be shocked by how much money you save when you use all these tips! 1. Budget, budget, […]

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