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How To Pay Off Debt FAST With the Debt Snowball

Congratulations!  You might be reading this because you’ve found yourself in debt.  I’m not congratulating you on borrowing money, but I AM congratulating you on seeking out a plan to tackle this debt so that it doesn’t tackle you.  Our family successfully paid off way too much debt using the debt snowball method.  I’m happy […] Read more…

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10 Habits of Debt Free People

  When I was growing up I aspired to become an actress.  My mother graciously signed me up for a small theater camp where I was confident that I would be “discovered” and land my first gig in a movie (I’ll let you take a guess on how that turned out).  Regardless of the outcome, […] Read more…

FREE Debt Thermometer Printable – Motivation To Becoming Debt Free!

To get your debt free thermometer, sign up for my FREE 6 Day Budgeting Basics Email Course! If you want to succeed financially in life, then I highly recommend you finally pay off that annoying student loan or car payment.  Besides, how are you supposed to be financially independent when you owe someone money?   […] Read more…

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