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The Steps One Family Took To Pay Off $490,000 Worth Of Debt

Several months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sami Womack.  She’s a wife, mom, and budget coach who has an inspiring story of paying off $490,000 worth of debt!  I decided to have her over on Inspired Budget today to share a little more about herself and her journey.  Meet Sami! Tell us a […] Read more…

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One Mom’s Journey To Paying Off $77,000 Worth Of Debt

If you’re not hanging out on Instagram’s #debtfreecommunity, then I promise you’re missing out. Basically, an entire community has formed of people that are either debt free or working hard to become debt free.  It’s an encouraging environment where you can learn tips, tricks, and real people’s stories of hard work and determination. You are […] Read more…

A Debt Free Journey

When my husband and I were dating, being debt free was not on our radar.  We were just two twenty-somethings who were deeply in love and our love could conquer the world.  Or so we thought.  I became pregnant soon after we were married and this brought us to face our looming debt.  We had […] Read more…

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