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5 Ways To Save Money On Your Move by

How To Move On A Budget

I’ll never forget the first time I ever moved after college. I was headed to my first “real job” as a third grade teacher. I enlisted the help of my mom and dad to load up a trailer with my measly possessions and Ikea furniture. The week before I headed off across the state I […] Read more…

Make Saving Money Effortless by

Find What’s Worth Saving For

I once had a friend tell me that sending money to savings was pointless. I stood there trying to hide my obvious shock and disbelief as I listened to her share more of her theory. “You just don’t know when you’re going to die, so why save money when you can use it to fully […] Read more…

How To Set Up Sinking Funds by

How Sinking Funds Can Save Your Sanity

Have you ever tried to make a budget and then something goes wrong?  Maybe your car breaks down or needs new tires.  Or your child was invited to a friend’s birthday party and you forgot to budget for a present.  Even worse, your taxes went up and now you have to either pay a lump […] Read more…

how to enjoy saving money from spender to saver by

From Spender To Saver: How To Enjoy Saving Money

I have a secret for you. Well, I guess it’s not a secret if I’m sharing it on the internet, but I’m still calling it a secret.  Okay, so here it is: I am a spender at heart. That’s right. The person who founded a business based solely on teaching people how to write budgets […] Read more…

how to save $1,000 fast by

Save $1,000 Fast

If you’ve read anything about the steps to becoming debt free, then you know that you need to save for an emergency fund and then start your debt snowball.  You’ll want a minimum of $1,000 in your emergency fund so that you are ready to combat anything that comes your way without going any further […] Read more…

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