How To Budget

  • 6 Ways To Stick To Your Budget

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    A few months ago I asked people on Instagram what they struggle with most when it comes to budgeting and saving money.  An overwhelming amount of people said that they struggle with actually sticking to their budget each month. I know firsthand that self-discipline is easy in theory, but can be extremely difficult in real […]

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  • How To Budget On An Irregular Income

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    Are you one of the millions of Americans that live on an irregular income?  Maybe you own your own business, your job is seasonal, or you work on commission.  If this is you, the thought of paying bills and sticking to a budget can be overwhelming.  Don’t let all the “what ifs” keep you from […]

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  • How To Budget For Christmas

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    Get Your FREE Editable Christmas budget HERE!  Seriously download it automatically!  No signups required! Simply print this PDF and fill out by hand. I know what you’re thinking.  It’s only August, Christmas is 4 months away, and you don’t need to worry about gifts yet.  The truth is that most people don’t save for Christmas. […]

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  • How To Easily Track Your Spending

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    this post contains affiliate links I started tracking my expenses during my sophomore year in college.  You see, I had money in an account, but I didn’t really know how much was in it.  One night I found myself at my local grocery store buying much needed ramen noodles and lean cuisines.  I handed the […]

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  • Bare Bones Budget

    It’s one thing to make a budget and tell your money where to go, but it’s a completely different thing to live on a bare bones budget.  A bare bones budget is when your budget only what is absolutely necessary to survive.  You might think that this sounds ridiculous.  Who on earth would only live […]

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