Budget Tips

  • The Comparison Game

    comparing comparison by inspiredbudget.com

    It happens every day.  When you click on any social media app you are automatically thrown into other people’s worlds.  You see where they are eating dinner, where they are vacationing, or what wonderful experience they just shared with their children.  People are constantly bombarded these days with others’ lives.  Actually, we are bombarded with […]

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  • How To Budget Your Time And Set Priorities

    Budget Your Time: Setting Priorities

    Most people know that they should budget their money, but what about their time?  Time is the one thing money cannot buy.  Although we are given 1,440 minutes each day, we always seem to need more!  As a mom who works outside the home, I feel like I’m always lacking time.  There never seems to […]

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  • How To Budget For Christmas

    how to budget for Christmas by inspiredbudget.com

    Get Your FREE Editable Christmas budget HERE!  Seriously download it automatically!  No signups required! Simply print this PDF and fill out by hand. I know what you’re thinking.  It’s only August, Christmas is 4 months away, and you don’t need to worry about gifts yet.  The truth is that most people don’t save for Christmas. […]

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