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5 Side Hustles That Will Make You Money by InspiredBudget.com

5 Side Hustles That Will Actually Make You Money

this post contains affiliate links In a lot of households having a little extra income can be a game changer. Extra money can help cover bills, extracurricular activities for kids, or even help you pay off debt faster! In fact, a side hustle can dramatically change your family’s financial situation. And our family is no […] Read more…

How to set and reach financial goals by InspiredBudget.com

Set (and Reach) Your Financial Goals

*this post contains affiliate links We all know that setting goals in life is important, but so many people ignore that fact and skip goal setting completely.  It’s not that people want to fail or accomplish less, it’s that setting goals requires thought and intention which can be difficult and take time.  The truth is […] Read more…

Make Your Budget Work This Time by InspiredBudget.com

How To Make Your Budget Work This Time

I have a confession to make. My husband and I struggle to stick to our budget. Yep. That’s right. I said it. Here I am, a budget expert confessing that I’m not perfect when it comes to my budget. Actually, I’m far from it! Do I love it any less? Not at all! Do I […] Read more…

What I wish I knew about money in my 20s by InspiredBudget.com

What I Wish I Knew About Money In My 20s

When you’re 20 years old, you tend to believe what other people tell you.  And that was especially true for me when it came to money. I believed whatever someone told me. Part of that was because I didn’t know much about money. And part of it was because I didn’t care enough about my […] Read more…

10 Ways To Spend Less This Christmas by InspiredBudget.com

10 Ways To Spend Less This Christmas And Not Go Into Debt

It’s no secret that Christmas is the most expensive holiday of the year. Trust me, I get it! Not only are the gifts crazy expensive, but everything else is too! I’m talking about the Christmas cards, pictures with Santa, holiday parties, and everything else on top of the gifts. Now don’t get me wrong. I […] Read more…

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