• How Building My Online Business Has Changed My Life

    How My Online Business Changed My Life by

    This June marked Inspired Budget’s two-year anniversary. That’s right. This little online business of mine is officially two years old and I feel like one proud mama. I’ve spent the past 730+ days pouring into this space and building a place where people can learn how to budget better, make saving second nature, and pay […]

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  • Sample image with slider

    Sometimes you may need to upload a lot of pictures on a blog post. It might result in a long loading page and readers might need to scroll along the way. But if you’d love to keep your blog post short and sweet, yet able to show lots of images, this can be a solution […]

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  • Sample post with image aligned right

    Jelly I love applicake ice cream sesame snaps cookie sweet roll. I love oat cake I love powder donut chocolate bar I love chocolate bar tiramisu. Applicake icing powder chocolate lemon drops. I love jelly caramels cheesecake. I love gummi bears jujubes gummies I love. I love sweet roll sweet roll sugar plum tart tootsie […]

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  • How Much Money I Made In August From Blogging

    How Much Money I Made Blogging In August by

    *this post contains affiliate links August was not a great month for Inspired Budget, but certainly not a bad one either.  After following up a month where I made more than $5,000 I knew that it would be tough to even get close to recreating that income. Especially in August. In fact, I actually brought […]

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  • How I Made Over $5,000 Blogging In July

    July Blogging Income Report by

    *this post contains affiliate links July was a big month for Inspired Budget!  I’m a teacher, so having summer off has allowed me to work on Inspired Budget much more than I can during the school year.  I also had a big 1 year sale on my Budget Binder Bundle at the end of June […]

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