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Stay stylish and keep your money organized with one of these affordable cash envelope wallets. Customize them to work for you!

Managing your money is so much easier when you have the right tools. I found some really cute, useful, and affordable cash envelope wallets. They actually help you keep your cash separated so that you spend less. It’s genius!

What Is The Cash Envelope System

The cash envelope system is a way of budgeting where you pay with cash instead of debit or credit card. The idea behind it is that it’s so much easier to overspend when you swipe your card. Since you don’t actually see the money leave your bank account, it’s easier to lose track of how much you spent.

When you sort your budget into cash envelopes, you can see and hold how much money you have for each category. You will know that you only have $500 to spend on groceries, for example. As you make your purchase decisions, you’ll be less likely to overspend because you know you won’t have the cash to cover it.

How many cash envelopes you set up depends on your personal lifestyle. Most people use these categories:

  • Groceries
  • “Fun” spending money
  • Clothes
  • Restaurants/Eating Out
  • Gas
  • Beauty/Toiletries
  • Charitable Giving

Free Printable Cash Envelopes

Lots of the wallets I found work with the envelopes you already have. While you can certainly use a plain white envelope and hand-write the category on it, I have another option that is just as affordable – but a lot more fun.

Download and print these free cash envelopes. They come in different shapes, sizes, and prints. When you enjoy using the envelopes, your heart will be more into it and you’ll be more likely to follow the plan.

cash envelopes

The Best Affordable Cash Envelope Wallets

As you set up your budget and start carrying around your cash envelopes, these stylish wallets will help you keep them safe and organized. It’s so much easier to stick to your budget when you can carry all your cash on you and know it’s safe and secure.

1. All In One Cash Envelope Wallet

This cash envelope wallet is from Soligt and has everything you need to stay organized. Not only can you close everything up with a zipper, but it also has 12 envelopes, 12 budget sheets, and a binder where you can keep it all.

This isn’t priced outrageous, so it keeps you within your budget.

2. Rachel Cruze Cash Envelope Wallet

Available in multiple colors, Dave Ramsey’s own daughter Rachel Cruze created this fashionable wallet.

This is one of the higher-priced items on my list. It’s one the more expensive side due to the genuine-leather construction and the fact that it supports fair-trade jobs through the JOYN organization. It provides jobs to people in India at a fair wage in a safe environment.

rachel cruze cash envelope wallet

3. Conscious Wallet

Stay organized with 12 cash envelopes in the Conscious Wallet. It includes budget sheets, cash envelopes, and a sheet of blank adhesive labels.

The envelopes stay organized in the 6-ring binder. They won’t fall out when you open your wallet.

4. SavvyCents Wallet

Organize coupons, cash, and receipts with the SavvyCents wallet. This is also priced on the lower side It’s a beautiful wallet that is made with dividers and labels so you can customize it after it arrives.

This cute wallet measures 8-inches x 4-inches.

savvy cents cash envelope wallet

5. Customizable Leather Wallet

This leather wallet is completely custom-made. You choose what to write on the envelopes and how many you want to be included.

This is made from a small business in Florida called TreasureMeCustoms. Choose your binder color from 7 different options. Then, they will print custom envelopes just for you.

6. Bella Taylor Cash Wallets

These super fashionable clutches are really popular because they are made with genuine leather. This fabric choice increases the price, but you can usually find them on sale.

They are made with 8 cash envelope slots that are marked with tabs. You can use their preprinted labels or customize your own.

7. Magicfly Wallet

The MagicFly wallet is a popular and budget-friendly choice. It comes with laminated paper envelopes, budget sheets, a binder, and adhesive labels.

Because this is priced so well, this is a smart buy! It’s 8.5-inches x 5.1 inches – the perfect size to fit in your hand and your purse. This is one of my favorite cash envelope wallets!

8. Divvy Up Wallet

The Divvy Up wallet includes 5 magnetic fabric cash envelopes. This means that you could even run these envelopes through the washing machine and your cash would be safe.

It also includes 2 side pockets where you can keep budget sheets or other important papers (like coupons).

9. Wallet With Tabbed Dividers

Support a small business with this cute wallet with tabbed dividers. One of the best things about this cute wallet is that you get to choose the fabric color from a huge selection.

It comes with your choice of 6 or 9 blank dividers. Then, you just use a marker or print some labels to organize them.

10. Hommie All In One Budget Binder

This is a budget binder that can fit inside your purse or bag. Even though it isn’t exactly a wallet, it’s affordable enough to be worth the purchase.

It comes with 12 envelopes, colorful blank labels, a binder, and budget sheets. This binder can even fit inside other wallets.

11. Munid File Wallet

This cute wallet has a faux leather lining and snap closure. Plus, it has RFID-blocking technology so your personal information can be stolen from scanners.

It has the most amount of debit card slots at 13, but the price is low.

12. ZG Wristlet

When you want a really cute wristlet you can dress up, this one will help you save money too.

What you’ll find when you open it up is enough room for a pen, plenty of envelopes, and it can hold your phone, too!

This only has 3 debit card slots and is priced low, so it will definitely help you stay within your budget.

13. Slim Budget Envelopes Wallet

Customize the tabs and store all your cash in one place. This Slim Budgets wallet is perfect for everyone. It has a zippered pouch for change, 6 plastic budget envelopes, and 12 budget-tracking sheets.

This wallet even arrives in a beautiful gift box. It looks like an elegant wristlet, but what’s inside is a mecca of organization.

14. Expanded Horizons Cash Envelope Wallet

This cute clutch from Expanded Horizons comes with 10 spots for cash envelopes. it includes 20 labels and a refillable pen. It also has a zippered pouch for change.

There is room for 4 debit or store cards and 2 ID cards. This is the perfect wallet for staying organized.

15. NEWANIMA Multifunction Wallet

This wallet is budget-friendly and can hold envelopes and a few debit cards. This is by far the cheapest option on the list. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a slim wallet that has one function – to hold your IDs and your cash envelopes.

The only downside to this one is that it is only 2 cm thick, so you won’t be able to carry a ton of cash with you.

16. With You Wallet & Budget System

For a really low price, this wallet is an entire budget system. The outside looks like a sleek and stylish crossbody purse or wristlet. What’s inside is an entire money management system.

It includes a binder that holds up to 8 envelopes (it comes with 13 colorful envelopes) and 13 budget sheets. There is also room for ID and debit cards.

The wallet measures 8.3 inches x 4.7 inches and closes with a strong magnetic button.

17. Mou Meraki Fashionable Wallet

The Mou Meraki wallet comes in more than 25 different colors. You are sure to find something you love! It’s priced affordably and has a ton of amazing reviews!

There are 2 large open slots that can hold your cash envelopes and a zippered slot for coins. There is room for up to 5 cards and an ID card.

The exterior is genuine leather and it’s lined with polycotton material.

18. Rnairni Wallet and Budget Keeper

This cute wallet comes with 14 pages of wallet goal-keeping and even extra paper envelopes. Choose from one of 3 stylish colors. The entire wallet zips up to keep everything contained.

Inside, there is a 6-ring binder that has everything you need to stay organized. Just look at what all comes with it (plus it is a very affordable option):

  • Wallet
  • Market
  • Clear Zippered Bag
  • Plastic Card Slots
  • 12 Cash Envelopes
  • 12 Budget Sheets
  • 5 Dividers
  • 14 Adhesive Labels
  • Ruler
  • Monthly Budget Sheets
  • Weekly Checklists
  • Monthly Calendars

19. All Planets System

Keep more than just debit cards in this wallet. The All Planets system has room for 36 budget sheets and 12 cash envelopes. It also has a zipper that keeps everything contained and a 6-ring binder inside that you can use for more than just envelopes. Store budget sheets and calenders here too.

Cash Envelope Wallets: Final Thoughts

When you start using the cash envelope system with your budget, you are going to need a way to keep those envelopes safe and organized. Whether you want to splurge on a higher-priced, buy a simple one that you can customize, or get one that holds everything, this list has it all. Out of all these cash envelope wallets, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

When you find a way to make budgeting fun, you will be more likely to do it – so buy something that you enjoy using.