Budget Friendly Valentine’s Gifts

We aren’t huge Valentine’s gift-givers in our house, but I know that some people go all out for this extra holiday.  We like to just give a gift for the kids and sometimes my sweet husband will send (or deliver) me flowers at work, but it all depends on our budget.  So for those of you who still love to spread some cheer on Valentine’s day, I have rounded up some budget-friendly gifts that should fit nicely into your budget.

Just remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to show someone you love them!  Make sure you plan out how much you want to spend on everyone, and choose something that is reasonably priced.  I’ve found some not-so-expensive gifts for kids, him, and her!

For the Kids

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  1. Scratch Art – My kids love scratch art just like this.  This set is under $10 and comes with 125 little pages that your kids can leave notes on, drawings, or sweet messages.  I’m going to be honest: scratch art keeps the iPad out of my kids’ hands and I consider that a win!
  2. Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink – As a teacher, I know just how important it is to read with your children!  This book not only shows how people can change, but it teaches kids how to deal with difficult people.
  3. Mermaid Heart Pillow – This is the perfect Valentine’s gift for any girl.  Wishing I had a daughter to give it to right now!  It would be especially sweet with a nice note from a parent.
  4. Pete The Cat Book – We are a huge Pete the Cat family!  Both of our children love Pete and our 5-year-old has been learning how to read with a Pete the Cat book set.
  5. Lego 3 in 1 Set – You can’t go wrong with 3 toys in one!  Legos are perfect (for boys and girls!) gifts because they require children to follow written instructions, but also allow children to be creative and use their imagination.

For Him

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  1. Complete National Parks Book – What a perfect gift for the man who loves the outdoors!  Let him plan out everywhere he wants to visit in this beautiful country.
  2. Valentine’s Beer Box – For the man (or woman) who loves beer, buy this cute box and fill it with 6 different types of his favorite beer.  These boxes are not limited to just Valentine’s themes.  They have tons of cute boxes for every occasion!
  3. Our Bucket List – For the couple who wants to go places, see things, and do the unthinkable, this is the perfect book to keep it all organized!
  4. Camping Cookware – This is perfect for the man who loves to camp.  It’s not terribly expensive and will set him up for easy meals while out in nature.
  5. What If Book – Do you know someone who is filled with completely random information and statistics?  Well, this book would be perfect for them!  It answers those absurd hypothetical questions backed by science!
  6. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks – I feel like this is a great gift for a family in general.  I was just talking to my husband about how I’d like to roast marshmallows more often with our kids.  I guess we need to get some of these ourselves!

For Her

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  1. Donut Coffee Mug – I may or may not have already asked my husband if he would buy me this coffee mug.  He thought it was a little silly.  I think that it’s absolutely genius.  GENIUS.
  2. Love You More Keychain – What a sweet gift to give your girl!  I have a similar keychain that I’ve had for 7 years and I still love it.
  3. Candle – A simple candle can make a house feel so homey.  It’s budget friendly and makes your home feel more welcoming.
  4. Why I Love You Book – My husband bought this book and filled it out for me a few years ago for Valentine’s Day.  By far this was better than all the flowers in the world!!  If you want to make her feel special, get her this!  I love it through and through.
  5. 52 Lists For Happiness – This book is a great way to focus on the joy in life.  I’d get this in a heartbeat.
  6. Colorful Blessings Cards – These beautiful cards are under $5 and you can color and pass them along.  Think about how much you could brighten someone’s day with one of these!

Also, if you didn’t budget for gifts, you can still spread the love by taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen, or leaving a nice note for your loved ones.  Just think about what act of kindness someone would want and that can be a gift in itself!