The Best Budget Friendly Teacher Gifts

If you made room in your budget to buy your child’s teacher a gift, you don’t have to spend a fortune.  Although many teachers don’t expect Christmas gifts, they are a pleasant way to show teachers that you appreciate them.  Below you’ll find a full list of teacher-approved gifts that won’t blow your budget!

1. Salt Body Scrub

This Himalayan Scrub is a #1 bestseller and the reviews speak for itself!  It’s currently on sale which brings the cost under $15 and would make an excellent gift for anyone on your list (but especially your child’s teacher)!  It will moisturize your skin and leave you feeling amazing.  And let’s be honest.  Your child’s teacher is surrounded by no less than 20 children each day.  A relaxing scrub at the end of a long day is a welcome treat!

2. Colorful Pens

I don’t know one teacher that won’t love a set of colorful pens for his or her classroom.  I know that I personally use them all the time to grade papers and give students feedback.  In fact, I use these pens so much in my own classroom that now my students have started buying them for themselves!

3. Infinity Scarf

You know what your child’s teacher has to deal with December through February (or in some cases longer)?  She spends so much time outside in the cold at recess and carpool.  This adorable scarf will keep her warm when she has to endure the outdoors five days a week.  This particular scarf has over 1,000 amazing reviews AND doesn’t cost a ton.  Oh, and did I mention that they come in over 35 different colors?!

4. Color Chart Markers

I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased this exact pack of chart markers for my classroom!  Elementary teachers use these all the time to make anchor charts and posters.  They are long lasting and the colors and deep and vibrant.  I’m serious when I say that these are a crowd pleaser in the teacher world!

5. Cosmetic Bag

This makeup bag comes in 14 different patterns and is absolutely adorable (as well as functional).  To make this an even better gift, stuff it with your child’s teacher’s favorite candy or lip balm.  I don’t blame you if you buy yourself one while you’re at it.

6. Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

Burt’s Bees has a great product and this gift set is already packaged and ready to give!  It’s an excellent price and is not just a great gift for teachers, it would be great for any mom, grandmother, or woman in your life.

7. Necklace

Isn’t this necklace so pretty?  I love that it has two layers and incorporates both turquoise and gold.  Teachers love jewelry and this is a great piece that is currently on sale for under $12.  The great thing about it is that it looks like a much more expensive necklace!

8. State Cutting & Serving Board

These state cutting boards can be purchased in the shape of any state in the USA!  With over 800 reviews and 5 stars, you know that this cutting board was built to last!  It can be used for serving, cutting, or even hung for decoration.  What a great gift for a teacher who loves to spend time in the kitchen!

9. Whisk Set

For the teacher that enjoys cooking, this is the perfect gift this Christmas.  You can attach a message that says “I whisk you a Merry Christmas!” and your gift is complete!  These also make great stocking stuffers since they don’t cost a ton.

10. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Let’s face it, a teacher cannot be pampered enough!  These bath bomb sets are nice, come in their own cute tin, and are great gifts for people who are on their feet all day chasing children around.  I’ll take three, please!

11. Letterboard

A letterboard is the perfect teacher gift that will bring a smile to her face. Imagine all the fun and inspirational messages that can be displayed in the classroom!

12. Tumblers

Want to know the best thing about these tumblers? There’s TWO of them! That means you can give them to two people or keep one for yourself! I’ve received several of these as a teacher and loved every single one of them!

13. Gratitude Journal

Teachers have a rough job. And some days are just plain hard. That’s why it’s so important to always have a grateful heart. This gratitude journal is perfect for teachers (or any women for that matter)! It will brighten her day.

14. Volcano Candle

Not only does this candle smell amazing, but it’s also just plain gorgeous! A teacher can’t ever have enough candles in their home!

15. Tassel Earrings 

These earrings are lightweight and beautiful! They will make any outfit adorable. They are the perfect teacher gift to give this Christmas!

No matter what gift you give your child’s favorite teacher, just be sure to add in a nice note! A kind letter or card will definitely bring a smile to her face!

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